Portland’s Gay Paper Calls On Mayor Sam Adams to Resign, Dept. of Justice Launches Investigation


While it’s not too surprising that The Oregonian, Portland’s largest mainstream paper, called for Mayor Sam Adams to resign — “We submit that it is not in the city’s interest to have a mayor who cannot vouch for his own character under fire. He should resign” — the fact that Portland’s largest gay paper, Just Out, hopped on board the Adams resignation bus might raise some eyebrows.

The paper wrote late yesterday:

Just Out acknowledges that over his two decades as a public servant Adams has risen to become one of Oregon’s most revered openly gay leaders. This publication has long admired Adams’ vision, his intelligence and his tenacity. Ultimately we have concluded that these qualities cannot overcome the weakness revealed in Adams’ recent admission.

Adams’ apology of yesterday, including specific reference to the gay community, while sincere, is not enough. The bond of trust and confidence has been broken. Adams has previously stated his hope that gay and lesbian youth might one day look to him as a role model and example. His own actions have now rendered this implausible.

Adams must resign his seat as Portland’s mayor.”

Things are not looking good for the openly-gay mayor, whose career this website compared to a storybook tale just this month.

Well, the dream’s become a nightmare as the newly-elected mayor’s sex life has been put on display once he was forced to reveal that the relationship he had with 18-year-old legislative intern Beau Breedlove had in fact, despite his vehement arguments during the the election that nothing inappropriate happened, turned sexual.

The chief of police and district attorney have asked Oregon Attorney General John Kroger to investigate any potential wrongdoings, prompting an official investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice. The mayor, who only a day ago said he would not resign, is now claiming that he has not made a decision one way or the other.

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  • Wolf

    JustOut’s and other Gay Media’s rush to judgement on Sam is not only irresponsible but disgusting and the most harmful thing that can happen to the GLBT community. To publicly call for him to resign before he even has a inquiry, is simply judging him a bad man based on “personal” matters.

    I hope you all know that we as a Community will not be judged by who Sam Adams slept with or how he handeled it. We as a community will be judged about how we support each other in a time of crisis.

    To read the WHOLE story including Openly Gay Land Developer and aspiring mayoral Candidate please read:


    This is back when it all started last September right at the time Willimet Weekly started its “investigation”.

    Also check out:

    Its truly disgusting how the Gay Community loves to hold irtself ABOVE the average human and has NO QUALNS turning on each other and eating its own.

  • Rich

    I guess it means now that having sex equals unable to be a leader…who really cares…if the two parties were of consent and no wrong-doing occurred…then why all the fust…I hate to say it people…but man was screwing at the dawn and will be screwing at the end of time.

  • Brenterino

    It’s shocking to me that so many Portland gays are willing to allow Sam to repeatedly lie and coach the teen to lie and that’s all okie dokie…come on he didn’t own up on this til he was cornered…this lying thing I just can’t get past…

  • hells kitchen guy

    But … but … I love his beer!

  • The Gay Numbers

    I am still confused why this is an issue. The only thing that I could potential see to be a problem is whether there was an abuse of power issue between the two, but since this does not seem likely, the real issue is that we are once again expecting politicians to be saints when it comes to their sex lives. This maybe controversial, but, because i believe the sex lives of politicians should be private, they have every right to lie to a public that wants to treat these things like they are on the staff of the National Inquirer. Like I said, the only issue here is whether as an intern there was an issue of the 18 year (which was the guys age) being forced to have sex with Mr. Adams. If he were not, then this is a non-issue.

  • Hint

    Should Bill Clinton have resigned over Lewinsky? I don’t think so. Lying about personal matters and relationships doesn’t bother me as much I guess.

    I mean, in that case simply being in the closet and denying you’re gay should result in a resignation if you’re later “outed” or decide to come out.

  • Austin

    To me, this isn’t about the sex, and this isn’t about the community (gay and Oregonian) rushing to judge. Like Brenterino said above, it is about the lying. If this was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, then why lie? Now, even if the relationship was completely on the up-and-up, it’s been tainted by deception and the coercion of further deception, and I believe that that sits badly with most people, more so than anything else related to this matter.

  • Smartypants

    The issue is not that Adams had a sexual relationship with a newly-minted legal adult with whom he also had a mentoring relationship. The issue is that, when asked about the relationship, Adams repeatedly lied to protect his electability.

    He could have said, “yes, we dated briefly”, or, “we’re two adults and it’s nobody’s damned business”. Instead he issued a series of vehement denials because he was scared and unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. That is a serious character flaw for any elected official. The people of Portland have every reason to expect their mayor will put their interests and the interests of the city before his own. That is what public service is supposed to be about.

    Nobody forced Adams to run for mayor. When he volunteered himself to serve there was an implicit understanding that he would put the needs of the city above his own. By lying to protect himself, he revealed a serious, possibly fundamental character flaw that arguably renders him unfit for public office.

    In addition this scandal distracts the mayor, city council and other community leaders at a time of economic and social crisis that requires their focused attention to resolve. If Adams truly cares about his city more than himself, he will resign.

  • Wolf


    “In addition this scandal distracts the mayor, city council and other community leaders at a time of economic and social crisis”

    And why does it distract? Because self righteous, judgemental idiots make a HUGE deal outof it and can’t wait to fling trash.

  • kevin

    Portland queers eat their own.

  • Dan


    More like it’s because he’s a lying sleazebag. He stared right at the camera and (on multiple occasions, and with much faux umbrage) denied he had any kind of relationship with Beau. He even had the gall to turn the event into an attack on LGBT community.

    What’s more, something about this story just smells. If Beau was safely 18 when their sexual relationship started, he could’ve just told the WILLAMETTE (not Wilmette, which i believe is in Illinois) Weekly that his personal, legal sex life was none of their damn business. Honestly, are we to take this serial liar’s word when he insists that Beau was actually 18 before anything happened?

    And this is completely ignoring the conflict of interest in bedding a subordinate, There really isn’t a thing about this story that doesn’t stink.

  • brcksvg

    As distasteful as it is to some (and tasty to others) that Adams had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old to whom he had a mentoring relationship, in the end, that’s not the point. There are real legal issues that need to be resolved here.

    1) Did the sexual relationship begin when Breedlove was 17. Regardless of whether you or I think that should be illegal, it is against the law in Oregon.

    2)Do the facts of the relationship constitute sexual harassment (this depends on upon the Oregon courts to define).

    3) As for the lying. Though it reflects poorly on Adams’ character, it isn’t illegal in and of itself, nor is his coercion of Breedlove to lie about the relationship, unless either of them were questioned in an official investigation, in which case, the lies and coercion would be possibly perjury and obstruction of justice.

    4)The final, and most damning, and massively illegal aspect, is the claim that Adams gave a lucrative job (for which she was in no way qualified) to a reporter who was investigating the relationship in order to stop the investigation. That is a misuse of state funds and an abuse of power and should result in Adams being removed as mayor.

    Listen, personally I think what the mayor gets up to in bed is none of my business (though in this case, I wouldn’t mind viewing any videos or a dramatic re-enactment) his illegal actions and abuse of power should result in severe negative consequences and the suggestion that we should blindly support someone just because they are gay is beyond stupid. J. Edgar Hoover was a big Queen, and I for one would have loved to put his ass in jail for all the illegal things he did.

  • Wolf


    You do realize that if he said its none of your damn business the same thing would have happened. If he said YES the same thing would have happned. he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

    The entirely worst aspect of all this is everyone judging him and calling for his resigination BEFORE there has been any REAL INVESTIGATION. For that alone those in the GBLT Community who have joined on this bandwagon should be ashamed.

    And as for the fact of Amy Ruiz’s job. Gee to what length would you GO to keep your private life PRIVATE. no I am not saying that Adams gave her the job to shut up. Actually Adams has NO IMPUT int the hirings. perhaps one of his Staff thought they were doing him a favor by hiring her. But to blame Adams for it BEFORE any sunstantial facts are in is JUSY WRONG.

  • keith

    He fucked up big time! It was inappropriate at the very least! How many times do we need to say it….don’t fuck the interns where you work!

  • janek51

    One of the websites covering this, has a time-line of when Sammy met Beau-y. It looks like two months before Beau turned 18. So I will believe that Sam waited. Even if sex happened on Beau’s 18th birthday, it was legal. Other than that though, I am pretty annoyed and disgusted. If this had happened 10 years ago and Sam was a retail store manager who had a relationship with a sales clerk, that would still be kind of sleazy. But he was 42, in public service, and lived through the Clinton scandal. I don’t know if he should resign, but I doubt I would ever vote for him again. I know being middle-aged, it would be hard to resist a horny teen-ager—but that’s what you gotta do if you want to be in public office.

  • Wolf

    You know what really is the WORST in all this? Its not even the Right Wing Nuts which is making this such a HUGE thing. Its our OWN Community and thosee in it who are doing it should be ashamed. The Right hasn’t even picked up on this yet but I am sure they will now thanks to our Holier than though, stick up the ass, and judgemental, Gay and Lesbian Media and individuals who are willing to hang this man before a proper and full investigation. And when the Right Wingnuts pick up and this and we even look worse its mostly because of YOUR behavior not Sam’s.

    I have never been so embraressed of the Gay and lesbian Community than I am right now.

  • Mikmars1

    No matter where you stand on this – one has to admit that he handled this very badly. I understand that he was in a tough spot – but when one is running for Mayor of a large city – everything will be exposed. There is a higher standard placed on you – gay or straight.

    I think the problem is that he already admitted lying about Beau Breedlove (what a name?) – so his current admission that he waited until Beau turned 18 until they consumated their relationship is highly suspect.

    There is doubt that double standards exist – pointing them out to my straight male friends is always fun. For instance, I once spotted some high school boys skinny dipping in the Schuylhill river in a neighborhood in Philly that has a large wooded area. I told a friend that I stopped my bike to get a better look. He gave me a dissappointing look – I asked him what he would have done if he would have spotted some high school girls skinny dippy? He quickly caught himself – and apologized and we laughed it off.

    Nonetheless – the folks in Portland – especially the LGBT community will have a difficult time sorting this one out.

    Good Luck.

  • brcksvg


    Seriously? You think it’s a SHAME that the LGBT community holds our leaders and public figures to the SAME basic standard of behavior as everyone else? Am I suppose to cut him some slack just because we both like DICK? If the guy is a lying SLEAZEBALL and broke the law, then he should face the consequences, whatever they may be.

    In the end, it’s people who are willing to excuse his behavior and rationalize his actions just because he is GAY who will make the LGBT community look bad and help perpetuate the myth that we are looking for special treatment or special rights.

    If you can honestly tell me you would be jumping to the defense of a straight 42 year old man who did the same things with an 18 year old girl, lied about it and possibly broke multiple laws in attempting to cover it up, then maybe I wouldn’t think that you are working with a HUGE double standard.

    And the fact that he tried to deflect attention from the issue by characterizing his accusers as attacking the LGBT community by preying on stereotypes of gay men as sexual predators disgusts me. It’s like Kobe Bryant or OJ Simpson claiming they were only suspects because they were black.

  • Jaroslaw

    Janek51 – why must a public servant abstain from sex? That’s quite an assertion there!

    I just read a very interesting study that almost all kids lie to their parents. The children with good relationships lie less, and much less on important things, but they still lie to their parents nonetheless.

    When 911 happened and everyone wanted to bomb the hell out of the Arabs, I was the lone voice in my office saying “it is most assuredly wrong what they did, but America has done a lot of wrong things to other countries too (eg the IMF and the World Bank).” I’m not patting myself on the back, but it was very VERY uncomfortable for me that day at the office saying the truth. It was almost like you were unpatriotic and hated the USA to tell the truth. Fact is most people don’t do it when they are confronted in a group setting. Failing to stand up for what is right is lying TOO.

    So to all the people so ticked off about the lie (and I do understand, really) People LIE all the time. Mostly they don’t get caught, and other studies show it is almost universal for humans to lie about their sex lives.

    GET OVER IT. PUT all that energy into something important. You will have no one to vote for if everyone has to be pure as God to run for office!

  • Wolf


    Well YES. breedlove was OVER 18 when anything happened. Sam Adams met him 2 Months BEFORE his 18th birthday and they did NOTHING sexual before is 18th Birthday so yeah I can say yes. Well not about jumping to defense of a straight male who was in the same position because I am sure it wouldn;t be so BLOWN out of proportion. But yes. If the person is over 18 and consenting there should eb no problem and no one should stand in judgement.

    Oh and since NO ONE Happens to post ALL the facts on these blogs.

    Beau Breedlove WAS NOT an intern when Adams met him and was WAS NEVER an Intern of Adams himself. Beau Breedlove became an Legislative Intern well after he met Sam.

    And brcksvg PLEASE remenber. Like Bill Cinton who I am sure you thought should have been ompeached considering your holier than thou fortitude. Adams was hit with a question that NEVER should have been asked. Hi PRIVATE LIFE is PRIVATE. He panicked and made the wrong choice and lied. EVERYONE and I can be certain probably YOU have lied and been caught. Can you HONESTY TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T?

  • Smartypants

    Public officials get asked inappropriate questions all the time. A basic competency to holding office is to the ability to respond appropriately and effectively when this happens. Lying, convincing someone else to lie, then hiring the reporter who asked the inappropriate questions is not a sign of competence.

  • Wolf

    There si still the question about WHO hired the reporter. It has been stated that it was someone else on Adams Staff and Adams had input. Again we need to have evidence and PROOF before you hang someone this has turned into a modern day Witchunt and the worst thing is that its our own Community doing it!

  • Jon

    When Adams was initially asked about this affair his response should have been “That is irrelevant to my ability to lead this city” or “None of your business”. Instead he chose to lie in order to manipulate voters. That’s the bottom line to me, the fact that he manipulated people into voting for him when they may not have done so had he told the truth or ignored the question. I’m sure most politicians lie during campaigns to get votes, however, Adams got caught and he must deal with the consequences.

  • Wolf

    [email protected]Jon:

    My only reply to that Jon is that citizens of Portland should remember that the reasons voted for him have not changed if you voted for him because of his ideas and plans. And who he slept with as long as it was legal shouldn’t matter.

    Everyone needs to remember that this staretd 2 YEARS ago. has anyone ever thought that maybe…..just maybe he also might have lied to protect Beau Breedlove.

  • Jaroslaw

    Jon – you already know and it is posted here “none of your business” is interpreted by EVERYONE as “yeah, I did it.” So Jon and everyone else stop saying that should have been the answer.

    However, the intent is right – IT IS NONE OF ANYONE’s Business. Unfortunately, even people who are basically on the rational side of this say “well, he has to deal with the consequences (of lying.)”

    Yeah….while the Dept. of Justice stops working on presumably much more important things than a politician’s perfectly legal sex life, the other powers that be continue to defraud us of tax dollars, spend money wastefully, conduct wars we don’t want and then tell us we can’t afford to provide health care for all.

    yes, there are consequences. But not what you’re talking about.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I think most people here are kind of full of it. How many of you would date a guy much younger than you? If you answer yes you would date a guy much younger, then you are hypocrites. It’s really that simple.

  • Cole

    If he was smart enough to make it this far in politics he should have been smart enough to know better than to “date” a subordinate.

    I’m pretty open minded but for people to be on here saying an 18 year old is an adult are crazy. Legally an 18 year old can vote, but certainly an 18 year old hasn’t developed enough emotionally to handle an adult relationship. Sam Adams was wrong to take advantage of someone so much younger. It’s one thing for an 18 year old to date someone 21 or 25, but let’s be honest a 42 year old man dating an 18 year old is wrong.

    Before you all scream at me saying that I’m some old prude I just want to say I’m 26 and have morals and values.

  • Jaroslaw

    Cole, no you’re not a prude, you’re an idiot. Specifically explain why it is wrong for an 18 year old to date an older person. Maybe SOME are immature, but are you going to change all the laws? As it is, an 18 year old can go to war and die so it is highly unlikely that an 18 year old is going to be irrevocably harmed by a sexual encounter.

    You’re also stupid – how do you know Beau didn’t take advantage of Sam? Many good looking young people know exactly what their good looks are worth in our society and use it to their benefit. We weren’t there, so we don’t know what happened.

    Morals and values have nothing to do with what you’re talking about.

  • janek51

    Jaroslaw, you silly Polak! “Why must a public servant abstain from sex? That’s quite an assertion there!” I never asserted that. But for Adams to say, “Well, I didn’t admit to having sex before because people would think Beau wasn’t 18”. Really, how about it would have affected your electability? He chose to lie and had Beau lie as well. Actions have consequences. He should have thought about that before he had sex with an 18 year-old. Sam was no victim and I’m damned tired of people lying to me.

  • Jaroslaw

    Ethnic name caling Janek51! Shows the depth of your intellect! However, you are correct, you didn’t say “abstain” but you said he had to “resist” a horny 18 year old if he wanted public office. And that you doubted if you’d vote for him again.

    You’re a moron. You want to have sex with an 18 year old, presumably consensual but you can’t or shouldn’t because other people think there is something wrong with it? How stupid is that!

    Check out the sex lives of some of our VERY BEST Presidents and elected officials. It just doesn’t wash to assert “he lied about his sex life therefore he will lie about anything.” You would know this if you read my other posts.

    But don’t take my word for it, do some research yourself.

  • janek51

    Jaroslaw–ethnic name calling? You are a Polak aren’t you? Which is Polish for a Polish man? Guess you didn’t catch Janek which is Polish for Johnny, you duren! (Which is Polish for idiot!) Take a suppository and call it a sex life. Later. And I live in Portland so we’ll see how this plays out.

  • Jon

    @Jaroslaw: The bottom line is the lies that he told, not his sex life. He was elected based upon a lie. If I were a Portland resident I would be upset if I voted for him because I believed the lies he told. Turn the matter around, what if he had said he would create new gay rights laws (Or substitute any other issue that you may feel passionate about) when he was campaigning and you voted for him based on that, then when he gets into office he says “Sorry, I lied. Not gonna do it” You would feel that you were duped and that your vote was wasted. This is the same thing. Although all politicians may lie or stretch the truth there is a certain amount of trust that you must have before you give someone your vote. It really is just is a slap in the face to everyone who voted for him.

  • Buddy

    Do people really think that public figures have private lives? I mean ideally, yes, it makes a nice sound bite, but reality doesn’t support the idea.

  • Chloe

    The issue is, as far as I’m concerned that the man lied.


  • Jaroslaw

    Janek – of course I noticed your name, but Janek can be any number of Slavic nationalities. AS I’ve said a number of times, I’m usually rushing with this stuff at work on breaks or when the computer is stuck. So forgive my minor faux pas’s. I didn’t think in the context of this debate calling someone a Polak was exactly friendly but perhaps I’m mistaken. Jestes Wariatem!

    Jon (& Chloe) – I think TWO decades of public service is what got him elected – heading off rumors that he broke the law having sex with minors is permissible.

    I can’t believe life is so simple for you folks. But that is what free speech is about – no matter how dumb you get to keep saying it over and over and over.

  • Jon

    @Jaroslaw: UMMMM…No! Heading off rumors about sex with a minor is NOT permissible if you LIE! I’m perfectly OK with 40 year old men having sex with 18 year olds. I think everyone should do it, but there are people who disagree with that. Hypothetically, there may be some little old conservative woman in Portland who does not like the idea of him having sex with an 18 year old. He denied he did it and she believed him and voted for him. Now the truth comes out and she never would have voted for him had he not lied. That means he stole her vote by deception. That is not OK! Although who a person sleeps with should not play into who you vote for it is her vote to use as she sees fit and him having deceived her to get the vote is wrong and he should be held accountable.

  • Jaroslaw

    Jon and others – you’ve beat the “he lied” thing to death. I don’t get how you can say “who someone sleeps with” shouldn’t factor in to a little old lady’s vote (and in the same breath say) but it is her vote to use as she sees fit.

    Oh, if only the papers and other media would report everything a person does, and report equally on all the candidates. Do you remember GW Bush’s first campaign – it didn’t come out until one week before the actual election that he was a drunk, cocaine user and a failed businessman. But by then of course, people’s minds are made up pretty much.

    But if you really want to discard 20 years of service over something you say yourself shouldn’t count and toss out all politicians based on this then fine. I can’t convince you.

    At least you’re not with the “if he lied about this he’ll lie about anything crowd.” Or are you?

  • Jon

    @Jaroslaw: If his 20 years of service actually meant something to him then he should have told the truth and let his record speak for itself.

    And yes…a voter’s vote is his or hers to do with as they see fit, although I may disagree with the way a person votes or their reasons for voting that way, the vote is still theirs. It is not acceptable for Mr. Adams to have lied to the people of Portland in order to secure his election.

  • Wolf


    OR prehaps he lied to sheild Beau Breedlove. You are condemming a man wihtout PROOF of the FACTS Jon!

  • Jon

    @Wolf: A lie is a lie is a lie. I’m not sure what is so difficult to understand about that. Proof of what facts? He admitted he lied and apologized. He lied to an entire city to get a job. There is no further proof to be had.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Many of you can be found oggling at the daily images of 18 year olds that this site posts. You are just hypocrites.

  • alan brickman

    all politicans have sex scandals get use to it…larry craig hasn’t resigned..why should he?

  • brentbent

    Everybody lies. And even more people lie about sex. It is the American norm. Of course, we like to pretend we are enlightened beings with full control of precious bodily fluids so when people are caught lying a certain segment of society has to act all outraged, more often than not because they themselves have lied about their sexual lives and so as to appear saintly they yell the loudest. I don’t care that he lied about his sex life as long as no laws were broken and he hasn’t been charged with anything. A person’s sex life is private even when they are in the political spotlight. As it is, if we only allow people who have never lied about sex to run for office there won’t be enough people to fill those positions.

  • Distingué Traces

    It’s not the lying. It’s the sex.

    Obviously the young man in question was not a tiny helpless baby. But screwing around with people you are in a professional and pedagogical mentoring relationship with is a breach of professional ethics, and it’s a breech of of pedagogical ethics. And in this case, it was a colossal failure of political judgment.

    So: poor teaching ethics, poor professional ethics, catastrophically poor judgment.

    Three qualities that are not desirable in the leader of a major city.

  • Joanne

    He should resign. Whether it is Clinton, Spitzer, Edwards, etc. these politicians have to learn to rule the people and not be ruled by their dicks. I hold my politicians up to a higher standard. They are supposed to lead and set a good example for the people.

    As for the younger/older issue I don’t think a 40 year old should be making moves on an 18 year old. It’s creepy. I would say the same thing for a 30 year old with an 18 year old. What would an older guy want with someone so young other than to use and control them. very sad.

  • Stephon Marbury

    @alan brickman: oh really? This would be news to Senator Jim Risch.

    of course in point of fact, Craig did not resign, he just did not choose to run again in 2008.

  • FRED

    I can maybe see some straight people getting upset about the Mayor lying about his relationship but I really don’t get any gay men and their fake outrage over all this. Really, what mature, intelligent, politically aware gay man is going to object to a consenting relationship between these two individuals? It’s no one’s business. I could see if the relationship adversely affected the Mayor’s ability to carry out the duties and responsibilites of his office, but other than all this drama the Mayor seemed to be a good and effective public servant. Barney Frank’s hooker boyfriend was running an escort service out of Barney’s apartment for Mike’s sake and he’s doing great. I think the person speaking for and the Portland gay rag where he works are complicit in being clueless and politically irresponsible in this whole thing, who are they pandering to with their ridiculously faux rightious outcry for the Mayor to resign? The man lied about relations with another – get over it already.

  • Mike

    Sam Adams needs to resign. His office also failed to investigate a very serious lawsuit last year involving Oregon Entertainment Corporation/Fantasy For Adults Only a local retail chain, as he knows the owner and has met with him per his public calendar.

    The lawsuit involved serious safety issues for public and employees and was filed in Multnomah County and Federal Court.

    His office and public advocate failed to address the serious issues and this latest is the icing on the cake. RESIGN Mr. ADAMS….

  • Ed

    He should resign..

    Smarty pants makes the best arguement.

    He was dating multiple partners at the time. They hardly had a relationship. OH AND TO WAIT til he was 18 and then have sex with him on his BIRTHDAY. Just shows that he was a manipulative sleeze. More like an asshole with his head up it lubed with denial.

    He was found out when one of his multiple partners came across the said young man on his voyage home from his birthday “present.”

    Neither knew that they were both dating the same person.

    It seems like he wasn’t juggling his romantic life right. If he can’t do that than how can he juggle the city’s affairs….

  • Jaroslaw

    Would someone please answer me why you are so concerned about him lying about sex and yet politicians promise us healthcare and better schools and lying about this doesn’t seem to bother you?

    Yes, it would be nice if politicians didn’t lie, I want to live in this perfect world you guys apparently live in.

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