Portrait of The Artist As A Young Prisoner

We’ve got to get something off our chest: we’ve got a total internet crush on Christopher Trottier, the sexy British boy behind the irreverently intriguing blog, quixoticals.

Today he brings us two notable entries. The first discusses how scientists have resurrected a long-dormant retrovirus not dissimilar to HIV. It seems that the nasty little bug was so powerful that it left a permanent stain on the human genome. Interesting, right?
While the second one’s not as scientifically-minded, we think it’s worth a mention. It seems Mr. Trottier found himself at a website devoted to confiscated prison weapons. He chose his favorite – a sharpened ruler – and wrote a nice little blurb on prison mentality, survival etc, etc…

Well, we navigated on over to said site and found our top pick, pictured above. We can’t help but wonder, however, what the fuck someone would do with such a thing. What is it, anyway? A spoon wrapped in hair?

We don’t think that’s a weapon, we think that’s a lonely, frustrated prisoner’s humble attempt to mimic artist Swiss artist Meret Oppenheimer‘s infamous Fur Lined Teacup (pictured, bottom)

That’s no criminal! That’s an artist fighting a creative blockage! Next thing you know, it’ll be on the auction block for five-figures. Imagine all the sharpened rulers you could buy…

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