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  • Woof

    Well it’s perfect cause she is married to a gay man. Have you heard Beck’s talk???? How many esses are in Beckham?

  • walt zipprian

    No, I find it kind of endearing.

  • Pragmatist

    Yep. Irritating, condescending, and presumptuous, that’s how I’d sum it up.

  • ggreen

    The stupid…it burns… please make her shut up.

  • alex the sea turtle

    I think it’s great. How many tweeny boppers lover and think wow she loves gays so much that she wants to be or is one.

    It’s like saying that the gay struggle for equal rights in his hers.

  • Mike

    Oh please. Chill out. She’s a fag hag. She loves gay men. Why don’t we save our vitriol for people who hate us.

  • ask ena

    Are you folks for real?? Stop taking yourselves so seriously. And PLEASE stop taking Mrs. Beckham so seriously. My god, you’d think she was running for president or something. I mean really, what cool gal DOESN’T have a little homo trying to get out? And thank heavens for that!


  • DawgDaze

    I’d go lesbian for her any day! I think that she’s pretty awesome. Eh, she’s a gay man: fine by me.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Victoria Beckham is a cunt. The least talented cunt in the history of the world. No talent, no personality, no redeeming qualities, nothing. If I met her, I’d slap the entitled shit out of her so hard. And wouldn’t you?

  • Whup-Ass Master

    OMG that is SO WEIRD! Inside me there’s a Posh!

  • Darth Paul

    I don’t know about gay, but she’s definitely a fag.

  • Darth Paul

    Also, Alex Sarmiento is funny.

  • BJ

    OMG!! I hate this woman!! She’s so damn irritating and pompous and I mean, why is she famous? She’s mildly talented (as if), and she’s very luckily married to a sports superstar. But what else is there? Please, make her stupid bobblehead go away!

  • BrianZ

    Oh I love her! So she feels she has a little gay in her: With her taste in shoes, I’d agree. Seriously, who cares.

    She’s an ally, speaking positively, identifying herself with gays and here you bitter fucking queens are with your tired bullshit. She’s famous for being herself, what she’s done, who she’s done and where she goes. And you bitches are famous for … oh, right. Clearly. Really, for christ’s sake, go fuck yourself (since no one else apparently will), you’ll feel better.

  • Michael vdB

    What was the old saying….”Let them have cake?” If she wants her cake and eat it to then I say go right ahead. We all have our fag hags.

  • BobP

    WTF? I love her. Why the hate? She’s a friend. She LIKES us. Why don’t you attack people who hate us? Huh?

  • jake

    Yup, first thing that it sounds like is some one-dimensional characterization about homosexuals. Again. By someone famous believing they represent tolerance, and acceptance but instead is creating another struggle for others.

  • getreal

    What is wrong with a woman saying they relate more to the sensibility of the average gay man than the average straight woman?

  • olly

    i miss the old queerty :(

  • sparkle obama

    you editors need to go back to college.
    your politics & reasoning are lame & senseless.

  • Smokey Martini


    I would say someone is ‘speaking positively’ of us if the only reasons she gives for identifying as a gay guy is because she’s “so camp!” and that she feels that she’s a gay man “trying to get out.” This, of course, fuels the stereotype that ALL gay men are (or at least SHOULD be) campy and ‘out there’ – which, of course, most gay men are not. And, worst of all, it absolutely trivializes the ever-so-difficult and often-horrifying “coming out” process that is such a staple of gay existence and only imaginable for fellow straight folks.

    She does NOTHING to help others sympathize with gay men or to enrich people’s understanding of how difficult it can be for gay men to live a certain life if stereotypes LIKE HERS keeping driving them into pre-determined social / professional niches. That is: if ignorant comments like hers blind people to the diversity of gay men that are out there and who – precisely because they are NOT as ‘out there’ as she would like them to be – need as much attention and respect as those who are…

  • Smokey Martini

    Correction: begin that comment with “I wouldn’t say…”

  • Debby

    Yep… this is me. All of my gay guy friends say that I am a gay man trapped in a womans body. That sounds so funny to me. I am glad that Posh views herself as the same way! HA!

  • BrianZ

    @Smokey Martini: Oh for fucks sake: So your reasoning is that if someones message isn’t PERFECTLY crafted to match YOUR idea of what ‘speaking positively’ is then it is worthless?

    It’s faux itellectuals such as yourself that alienate people who would otherwise be friends to the community. Just as not every gay man is a campy laugh-a-minute, not every queer is a tragedy of coming out, either. People like YOU want to perpetuate the stereotype that gay men and women are just victims of the big evil society … blah blah blah. Grow a pair and grow up. Life is hard. She was in the middle of a light-hearted interview and you expect some emotional outpouring about how poor you had a hard time coming out? I bet you don’t have many friends: How could they EVER live up to your expectations?

    If you have so many supporters lined up in your life that you can afford to just toss some of them under the bus, great. However the reality for the rest of us is that anyone who chooses to stand with us, regardless of the flaws in their reasoning, is a powerful thing indeed.

  • lisimoomoo

    @DawgDaze: There are many women I’d go lesbian for, and she’s not one of them.

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