Heed GLAAD's Call

‘Post’ Apologizes For Trans Gaffe

In a shocking show of soul, the NY Post‘s Page Six apologized for its trans-insensitivity.

In an item about There’s Something About Miriam, a Fox reality show about a transsexual woman, the Rupert Murdoch owned paper described the titular character as a “she-male”. GLAAD called them out and editor Richard Johnson originally replied, “You’re kidding me, aren’t you? I would have used ‘chick with a dick’ but we’re as [sic] family newspaper.”

Apparently Johnson had a change of heart: .

…We erred yesterday in referring to a pre-op transsexual as “a she-male” – a term GLAAD informs us is “a dehumanizing slur.” We apologize to any and all we may have offended.

Next step: vocabulary lesson.