Potential Clinton Nomination Could Be Real Deal For Obama

Hillary Clinton‘s supporters may get their wish!

Upset over their candidate’s loss in the primary, die hard Clinton backers have been pushing for the Senator to be officially nominated at Democratic National Convention next week.

Mrs. Clinton’s never directly addressed the issue, but did speak of a “catharsis” earlier this month.

Now, Marc Ambinder passes along word that Clinton and Barack Obama‘s teams may have come to a surprisingly smooth agreement.

And it could end up helping Obama.

Although Clinton had resisted pressure from donors, allies and supporters to accept demands to allow her name placed in nomination, she and aides to Obama seemed to realize independently that doing so would be the best way to incorporate and welcome Clinton’s supporters into Obama’s general election campaign, both symbolically and practically.

Multiple sources in both campaigns have described the negotiations as relatively free of acrimony. Obama’s convention managers and his political are acutely aware of the fact that at least 45% percent of delegates were stalwart backers of Sen. Clinton during the primary.

At no point, according to advisers to both candidates, did Clinton use her leverage over her delegates as a bargaining chip, especially because the Obama campaign, aware of DNC rules, had anticipated the inclusion of Clinton in the formal roll call in some way.

The exact choreography has not been worked out.

It is possible that Sen. Clinton, having had her name submitted, would use the occasion to release her delegates to Obama; depending on how the roll call is staged, Clinton’s released delegates could put Obama over the top.

Ambinder also mentioned that it was Clinton who decided not to speak at the Convention. Her husband, however, will.