Pour Yourself A Cup Of “Bitch Please” Or Other Gay Tea Blend

Just in time for Mardi Gras, The Australian drink company Slurp has launched DiversiTea, a range of eight teas benefiting LGBT health charities. But forget Darjeeling, chamomile or Earl Grey: These potent blends have kitschy names like Bitch Please, Disco Ball, D.R.A.M.A Queen, [email protected] [email protected], French Tickler, Pearl Necklace, Pinkies Up and Pride.

Bitch Please “is a unique blend of black tea with chilli created to give you a unique fiery drinking experience,” reads the description. “This fiery hot blend is guaranteed to make you want to slap the bitch out of the teabag.”

Disco Ball “brews with a light, coppery flavor that is sweetened with Slurp’s own proprietary blend of miniature silver disco balls that dissolve during brewing to add a slight sweetness to the drink. (The company claims its the perfect come-down after a night of excess.)

[email protected] [email protected] is “an aromatic, zesty blend that harmonizes beautifully with the undertones of your personal life. The coolness of her lemongrass brings a pleasant balance to the spiciness of your ginger.”  (Slurp says this is the ideal tea if you and your female BFF have promised to marry if you’re both still single at 40.)

Well, we already have gay coffee and gay beer. What’s next—gay wine? (Oops, too late.)

Source: Pink News UK

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  • Drew

    *Yawn* What a surprise shitty gay male stereotypes that most gay men let alone GLBT people and allies to GLBT people DO NOT fall into. It also sounds like not that good tea anyway, especially mixing Chilli with black tea.

  • Trent

    @Drew: Yeah, I have never met an effeminate gay man in all my life. I have never met a gay man who has a really close girlfriend who he calls his fag hag. Where do people get these crazy ideas. *rolls eyes*

  • MikeE

    @Trent: You’re absolutely right.

    Straight men are all serial killers and rapists.

    Well, it’s true… there ARE serial killers and rapists among them. Is it fair to use that as a descriptive for them?

    SOME gay men are effeminate and bitchy and whatnot.

    Guess what?

    They are NOT the majority, and aren’t even CLOSE to being the majority of gay men.

    Most gay men you wouldn’t even take notice if you passed them in the street.

    So yes, it IS an offensive and stupid stereotype.

  • Heath

    It’s only offensive if you’re offended.

    The word “queer” was offensive not too long ago.

    If that word can be reclaimed, then why can’t these?

  • Mike

    I don’t see the harm. Obviously it’s a business ploy but the company is a gay one, it’s not as though it’s straights trying to cash in on us. And if it’s helping LGBT charities that can only be a good thing.

  • ricky

    i am a tea drinker. there is no way i would drink this stuff.

  • Matt

    I love the concept – It’s a different take on how to make a “boring cup of tea” fun. As people mentioned it’s a gay-owned company donating the proceeds to LGBT charities! So if the names create a little bit of controversy to get sales/donations then I say good for SLURP!

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