Pour Yourself A Cup Of “Bitch Please” Or Other Gay Tea Blend

Just in time for Mardi Gras, The Australian drink company Slurp has launched DiversiTea, a range of eight teas benefiting LGBT health charities. But forget Darjeeling, chamomile or Earl Grey: These potent blends have kitschy names like Bitch Please, Disco Ball, D.R.A.M.A Queen, [email protected] [email protected], French Tickler, Pearl Necklace, Pinkies Up and Pride.

Bitch Please “is a unique blend of black tea with chilli created to give you a unique fiery drinking experience,” reads the description. “This fiery hot blend is guaranteed to make you want to slap the bitch out of the teabag.”

Disco Ball “brews with a light, coppery flavor that is sweetened with Slurp’s own proprietary blend of miniature silver disco balls that dissolve during brewing to add a slight sweetness to the drink. (The company claims its the perfect come-down after a night of excess.)

[email protected] [email protected] is “an aromatic, zesty blend that harmonizes beautifully with the undertones of your personal life. The coolness of her lemongrass brings a pleasant balance to the spiciness of your ginger.”  (Slurp says this is the ideal tea if you and your female BFF have promised to marry if you’re both still single at 40.)

Well, we already have gay coffee and gay beer. What’s next—gay wine? (Oops, too late.)

Source: Pink News UK