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  • Leep

    It is truly sad that Adam Lambert even arrives on this list, even more over that he is next to Rachel Maddow. What has Adam Lambert done for the gay community that is deserving of being on the power list. He is simply the bastard step child of twenty first century pop fascination. he might as well be the Jessica Simpson of homosexuals.



    Jodie Foster is “openly gay”? Great list and very inspiring collection of Studio execs, Business Execs, the intelligentsia, and a couple of billionaires. It is the sort of people today’s gay youth must be acquainted with excepting a few on the list. They remain beacons of success despite our HUGE disadvantage as a group of people.

    It is however debatable how they reached their recent positions. Were they always out when they got their big breaks or did they come out after they found out their coming out could do no more damage?

  • Cam

    I’m surprised though, they out people like Matt Druge and Anderson Cooper who are not out, and yet they didn’t put Senator Barbara Mikulski and Senator Herb kohl on the list. I mean as long as they’re putting people on there who are not officially out, I would say that two sitting U.S. Senators qualify as powerful.

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