Pravia Killer Smoked During Murder

Jeromie Cancel could be the poster child for “horror.” And, frighteningly enough, he’d probably enjoy the title.

The 22-year old yesterday again admitted to murdering 19-year old Kevin Pravia because he was “bored.” This we already knew.

Cancel remarks yesterday, however, give us an even deeper view into the gruesome killing.

According to the Cancel, a “drifter,” he first met Pravia in Time Square, where the gay college student was allegedly looking for drugs. The men then headed back to Pravia’s Chelsea apartment, where the victim fell asleep. Cancel seized the moment to get his sick kicks

Cancel recalled how the sleeping Pravia’s eyes flew open as he felt the murderer’s noose around his neck.

And even as Pravia’s struggles grew faint, Cancel kept his free hand – the one not pulling the cord – on his cigarette and his eyes on the movie in the DVD player, “Saw,” a gory horror flick.

Cancel also stuffed a plastic bag in Pravia’s mouth. He has, for the record, feels no remorse and said, “I’d do it again.” Fucking sick.