Pray That James Franco’s Pantless Ice Bucket Challenge Starts A New Trend

james-franco-naked-ice-bucket-challengeJames Franco has accepted the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS, and if you thought he was going to perform it without a homoerotic or attention-commanding twist, you should probably learn who James Franco is before you read any further.

James joins other celebrity babes including Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, Matt Bomer and Cristiano Ronaldo in the viral trend, which has used about 5 million gallons of water to raise an estimated $15.6 million for the ALS Association in 30 days.

Oh, he also did it without pants:

James nominates his straight bed buddy Keegan Allen to also post a video of himself, hopefully also pantless, dumping a bucket of water an his head. If we’re lucky, going pantless for the ice bucket challenge will become an unavoidable trend that will force Zac Efron out of his pants for his inevitable ice bucket video.

Yesterday, “pop rock/reggae band” Emblem3 snagged headlines by doing the ice bucket challenge completely naked:

Before that, Josh Barrowman filmed Colton Haynes taking the challenge in a white t-shirt (read: Colton Haynes wet t-shirt contest):

The ball is in your court, Zac.

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  • robho3

    Oh god enough with the James Franco already

  • crowebobby

    Emblem3, nice bulge followed by very nice butt on the left. Oh,and a good deed, too.

  • mgad

    @robho3: He panders for a gay audience so hard. I’m sorry James but I just don’t care that much about your latest homoerotic stunt. Gay or not, he has made it clear that he is gonna milk the intrigue dry.

  • jd2222248

    okay……why nude Ice Bucket Challenge? I don’t get it. :-)

  • misterhollywood

    I get really confused about his behaviors sometimes. I like him but why does he seem to engage in stunts for attention? He’s a star in his own right but he cheapens his celebrity with this kind of stuff.

  • michael mellor

    This ice bucket stuff is for retards who like to follow whatever other people are doing.

  • lykeitiz

    @crowebobby: Funny….that’s exactly what I took away from all of this as well!

  • Franco C.

    I’m really over James Franco.

  • DerekR

    @michael mellor: As of today this ice bucket stuff has raised over 20 million dollars for A.L.S. research so could you talk any more out of your clueless ass?

  • Robert Barber

    Atleast even with Coldwater (shrinkage)obviosly one hung dude.Always liked him and his Bro

  • Tony Rudd


  • L Daniel E Kaufman

    Hmmm…so the droughts over then? Just curious….

  • Craig Shapiro

    Way cool. Oh it’s a punny.

  • Luis Collazo

    Lol he’s so fiiiiiine!

  • Michael Bryant

    His video is from over a year ago, hardly news at this point.

  • Jim McHardy

    For a good cause

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