9 Preachers Arrested For Being Too Decadent At Southern Decadence

You can’t take holy men nowhere these days: If they’re not getting sloshed on wine and throwing their mothers under the bus, they’re publicly exposing themselves for kicks.

The latest men to soil the cloth are nine preachers who were arrested over the weekend for yelling anti-gay slurs over bullhorns at revelers of the annual Southern Decadence party.

NOLA.com reports:

Patrick O’Connell, 45, Rolando Igleasias, 31, Cesar Chavez, 22, Daniel Hoogerhuis, 26, Danny Guevera, 20, Larry Craft, 52, Montes Diego, 32 and Gary Brown, 33 were arrested on suspicion of aggressive solicitation, a city law passed last October.

The ordinance prohibits “any person or group of persons to loiter or congregate on Bourbon Street for the purpose of disseminating any social, political or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise.”

A ninth man — Justin Craft, 31 — was arrested for suspicion of battery and resisting arrest after punching a police officer who tried to take his bullhorn away. That oughta teach that cop never to get in the way of a bigot and his bull!

According to a witness, in addition to the gay slurs, the pastoral protesters also mentioned Hurricane Katrina victims, no doubt in reference to the inane belief that the gays were bringing about the end of civilization, or at least New Orleans, with all their damn pride and accursed decadence.

Last time we checked however, Louisiana managed to survive a  bunch of drag queens stumbling around with their heels off and shirtless gay dudes fist-pumping to “Call Me Maybe.”

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