Anti-Gay Activist Argues For Right To March in Chicago

Preaching Against Pride

Gay Pride’s all about celebrating diversity. And Los Angeles-based anti-gay preacher Ruben Israel thinks his views should be allowed to protest in Chicago’s upcoming gay pride event.

An angry Israel declares:

We are a group that has a different sexual preference and being that this parade is filled with diversity, we considered ourselves welcomed. And we were wrong… [Gay Pride organizers] become dictators and force acceptance of their agenda. I wish to expose this hypocrisy as a double standard for we also love a man, too, and His name is Jesus Christ.

That Jesus dude sure is popular…

Chicago Pride spokesman, meanwhile, Richard Pfeiffer claims queers have the legal right to exclude Israel and his peers, “We, the gay folk, have the right to exclude them from the parade.”

Defending Israel’s right to protest, his lawyer says they are now considering a lawsuit against Chicago Pride. Like so many conservatives, the main crux of Israel’s argument stems not from freedom of assembly, but gays so-called attack on freedom of religion:

The real world if these people ever take over will be more of a dictatorship. Freedom of speech no longer exists. Freedom of religion no longer exists. You’ve offended me. I want to shut you down.

We’re sorry, Mr Israel. We’re confused. You want the right to march, but you also want to “shut down” Chicago Pride. If you do that, you’ll be marching by yourself, because all the homos will be barred from their own parade. Then it’ll just be your parade. That’s not very diverse, now is it?