Predicatbly, Gay Episode of Family Guy Angers Christians

horselickcopyIf you caught this week’s episode of Family Guy, you know Peter Griffin was injected with the ‘gay gene’, turning him into a mincing, prancing, fisting, orgy-loving stereotype. Unsurprisingly, The Parents Television Council has its panties in a bunch over the episode and is calling for a boycott of the show, because you just know all the right-wing Christians out there are tuning into Family Guy every week. Actually, they probably are.

President of the PTC, Tim Winter writes:

“Our organization is taking its concerns directly to every parent, every Fox affiliate and every advertiser — as well as to those whom the Congress has instructed to uphold the law: the FCC. We encourage our members and concerned citizens to contact their local broadcasters and their public servants with their complaints. Each and every advertiser who paid for this show to air will also be personally contacted by the PTC and asked if bringing orgies and bestiality into American living rooms resonates with their corporate image.”

Family Guy messing with Fox’s corporate image? Nah. When we think of the Fox corporation, the first thing that comes to mind is bestiality and orgies. Anyway, the episode isn’t terribly funny and while its message is that gay people should be loved just the way they are, the fact that all the gays seen walk around with their arms flailing about and speaking like Snaggletooth isn’t well, very funny. The brain-damaged horse was great, though.

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