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  • Vicente Fox

    These people have become a parody of themselves.

  • Darth Paul

    I dismiss their petty boycott.

  • emb

    Maybe Hallmark should make a Very Special Moments card just for the religious right: I envision a front photo of misty sunbeams through tree leaves, with “Sorry You Hate Us” in over-wrought script. Inside:

    We’re sad to hear
    Your hate our cards
    So go to hell
    You bunch of ‘tards.

  • Snoodle

    Have they honestly not anything else to complain about o.O?

    Plus…really? A boycott :p? Come on people.

  • Doug

    Since the asswipes aren’t the target market for the cards, what’s the problem? Just another way the homos are undermining “traditional marriages and families” I suppose. Get over yourselves … You don’t like them, don’t buy them.

  • mark

    Does Hallmark have a “GO F*CK YOURSELF homobigot” card?

    I’ll take a gross

  • michael

    As if Hallmark did not anticipate that they would catch hell from
    the Christian right. I am sure Hallmark figured out that the potential financial benefits outweighed the potential consequences
    from Christian bigots. After all its business. When did these religious organizations become so grandiose as to think that they can control everyone and everything? Religions eventual downfall
    will come, not because people accept or do not accept homosexuality, or any other thing they preach against, but because people will eventually get tired of the tyrannical methods they employ to control everything and everybody.

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