Pregnant Aussie Lesbians Just 4 Babies Shy Of Beating Octomom

While Thomas Beatie, the trans man who just delivered baby number three, might wonder and amaze, it’s this pair of Aussie lesbians who’ve caught my eye: they’re having quintuplets.

Melissa Keevers, 27, and Rosemary Nolan, 21 — who met in 2008 when Rosemary left Ireland to bum around Australia — will be celebrating the birth of their five children around Christmas time. The twosome, who chose “a 27-year-old dark-haired law student with good teeth and eyesight and a high IQ” as their donor, say they didn’t use any treatment to increase Melissa’s fertility. (They have another daughter, 1-year-old Lilly, born to Melissa and from the same donor sperm.)

Congrats, ladies. Or should I say: Good luck!