Pregnant Man: Four Weeks Left

Thomas Beatie returns to the spotlight. The pregnant trans man, who caused a sensation by appearing on Oprah earlier this year, graces the ever-classy pages of News of The World to show off his increasingly large baby bump.

In addition to revealing the baby’s sex – a girl – Beatie suggests he and his wife may keep reproducing after the new child arrives in four weeks:

I feel on top of the world.

I’m 36 weeks now and almost due but I feel fantastic. Every day Nancy and I think about how we just cannot wait to hold our daughter for the first time, to finally get to touch her and see her face.

We have her nursery ready and her diapers are lined up in her bedroom. Everything is ready to go. We have even picked a name which we both love—although we’re waiting until she is born before we tell anyone. All the people who really know us and love us, our friends and family, have been incredibly supportive.

So much so we might even have more children. We will just see what the experience is like with our daughter’s arrival first and then give it some thought.

We’re sure trans activists are luke warm to this news.

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  • Rock

    I want to have a baby too….I just don’t want to carry the thing around in my body for 9 months!

  • foofyjim

    I’m happy for them, but do we need more pictures. Anytime I see shots of naked pregnant bellies, it really turns me off. I just keep thinking about that movie Alien.

  • Bean

    @foofyjim — Nobody’s making you look at the pictures. If you know you don’t like pregnant bellies, don’t look. I think they’re lovely.

    I’d love to have a chance to talk to this guy face-to-face. I can’t wrap my head around him feeling “on top of the world” in this situation. I am (and was born) female-bodied. Female is definitely wrong for me but male also doesn’t feel quite right; I don’t identify as either. Nevertheless, ‘female’ feels SO wrong that I can’t even begin to describe the complete despair I deal with when it comes to things like menstruation (and even things as simple but still definitely female as bra shopping). I think if I got pregnant I would want to kill myself. I can’t imagine anything feeling more wrong than that. So I’d LOVE to pick the brain of someone who definitely identifies as male but can still deal (very happily!) with their body doing female things. Maybe I could pick up some coping tips. And even if I didn’t, it’d still be interesting as hell.

  • Dexpat Mike

    Ugh. so over this. I am so tired of trans activists complaining about rich, white gays doing them a dis-service and how we don’t care. Hell, they don’t need help from us to screw their cause over, just call up Thomas and Nancy.

  • RPCV


  • dizzyspins

    When this story first broke, i heard reports that the couple were publicity whores looking for a buck. I didnt necessarily believe it, but News of the World is the UK equivalent of the National Enquirer
    ( People can do whatever they want within reason, but if you plaster yourself all over the tabloids, youre inviting the public to make judgments about you–and about other trans people who are just trying to live private lives like the rest of us.

  • queryourself

    I don’t see what the big deal is about this. It’s a pregnant woman who happens to have a beard and thinks of herself as a man. It’s not really a pregnant man!

  • Chaq

    Hey “Queryourself”, don’t de-humanise Thomas Beatie by calling him an “it”, ok? It’s really disrespectful.

  • thisisstupid

    Queryourself has it right. and did not refer to her as an ‘it’. she is a woman with woman insides to carry a baby. a real ‘Man’ still cannot have a baby. if he could then that would be real news!

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