“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie: My Wife “Hit Me In The Crotch”

Queerty reported that Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who made headlines when he got pregnant and had a child in 2007, was getting separated from his wife Nancy.

Now, the divorce papers that will end their marriage of nine years have been filed. They’re pretty ugly, with accusations of violence in both directions.

TMZ reports:

In the papers, filed in Arizona, Thomas claims in February 2012 he tried to stop his “visibly intoxicated” wife from driving their 3 kids to daycare … when she began to cuss him out and shoved him. In the docs, Thomas says he called 911 … but Nancy continued to be violent …claiming, “She hit me in the crotch.”

Thomas says it wasn’t the first time Nancy attacked him — he claims on January 17, 2012 Nancy woke him up at 2:00 AM by punching him in the face for no reason. Thomas explains, “This night, like every night, [Nancy] hovers over me, threatening me with physical and emotional abuse.”

Nancy claims right back that Thomas is lying and that he has actually been abusing her.

Are you sad to see a high-profile transgender man fail prey to the same old problems “traditional” marriages encounter?