UPDATE: NPH Apologizes For Saying “Trannies,” Dan Savage Ridicules Offended Outcry

UPDATE (12/2/11 9:54 AM) – As predicted, bloggers and GLAAD have called out NPH for saying “Trannies” and NPH has apologized tweeting, “should have been more thoughtful. Didn’t mean at all to offend.” Meanwhile Dan Savage ridicules the idea that anyone who says “tranny” under any context is a transphobe.

While temporarily replacing senile Regis Philbin this week on LIVE! With Kelly, Doogie Howser MD Neil Patrick Harris inhaled some heavier than air “anti-helium” gas, said “It puts the lotion in the basket” (imitating The Silence of the Lambs’ transexual villain, Buffalo Bill). Then Harris said, “We can sound like trannies all the time” adding, “That would sound hilarious.”

You can guess what will happen next.

Coming soon: a well deserved backlash, NPH’s forced apology, press releases decrying and applauding his apology and lots of transphobic commenters who bitch about political correctness while using the slur themselves. So predictable.

Image and story via Joe.My.God.