Presbyterian Church Comes ThisClose to Being America’s Gay Friendliest Church

Oh good, glad that’s settled. Not. (What is this, the 90s? Who says “Not” anymore?)

Presbyterian Church leaders voted in favor of recognizing non-celibate gay clergy (with 53 percent voting for) but against supporting same-sex marriage (with 51 percent voting to shelve the issue). Now the vote on gay clergy goes to the full Presbyterian body, where a majority of its 173 member churches must approve it.

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  • Matthew Dimick

    The commissioners of the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly basically told lgbt individuals at 10:30 last night–“fuck justice, we’re tired.”

    Basically, there was a motion to vote on some generic non-statement and have that vote serve as precedence for the other issues (redefining marriage; allowing pastors marry same-sex couples).

    What is most frustrating is the the leaders of the church voted to not make decision; but instead to borrow more time from the lgbt community. With just another 2 hours, the commissioners could have made clear the path of the church for the next two years. Epic Fail.

    Probably a sign that the most important issues shouldn’t be decided when it’s past the baby-boomer’s bedtimes.

  • Baxter

    Gay friendliest church? The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America already recognizes both non-celibate gay clergy and same sex marriage.

  • VexedinDenver

    The Christian denomination that fully respects and welcomes sexual minority individuals in all all aspects of the life of the community and the church is the United Church of Christ. This progressive Protestant denomination has been (and continues to be) at the forefront of the movements from justice for women, racial minorities, sexual minorities, immigrants, and the poor. Check it out:

  • VexedinDenver

    Sorry….I meant, “movements FOR justice…”, not ‘from’!

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