President Biden posts message to newly-out athletes Carl Nassib and Kumi Yokoyama

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Photo: Shutterstock)

President Joe Biden has posted a message to tell newly-out athletes Carl Nassib and Kumi Yokoyama how proud he is of them.

“To Carl Nassib and Kumi Yokoyama – two prominent, inspiring athletes who came out this week: I’m so proud of your courage. Because of you, countless kids around the world are seeing themselves in a new light today.”

Biden’s message has had over 53k likes at the time of writing and prompted many grateful messages.

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Las Vegas Raiders football player Carl Nassib, 28, came out as gay Monday via a video he posted to his Instagram account. It made him the first active NFL player to come out.

Soccer player Kumi Yokoyama, 27 said they are trans in a video talk on former teammate Yuki Nagasato’s YouTube channel. Yokoyama is Japanese and plays defense for the Washington Spirit, a team in the US National Women’s Soccer League.

Yokoyama said they felt more able to be who they are once they began playing in the US (Japan does not legally recognize trans people).

“I’m coming out now,” Yokoyama said. “In the future, I want to quit soccer and live as a man.”

Washington Spirit tweeted its support and said Yokoyama uses they/them pronouns.

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Yokoyama responded to Biden’s tweet with a simple, “Thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, Michael Sam, who was drafted to the NFL in 2014 after coming out as gay but was never rostered, has also commented on Nassib’s coming out. He highlighted Nassib’s $100,000 donation to the Trevor Project.


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In a Twitter post yesterday, Sam said, “Carl Nassib thank you for owning your truth and especially your donation to the @TrevorProject. LBGTQ people are more likely to commit suicide than heterosexuals. I hope and pray people will take note to this. Thank you again Carl and look forward to seeing you play on the field.”

As the first active NFL player to come out, Nassib’s announcement prompted a wave of reaction around the world. This included many supportive messages from other athletes players, politicians and celebrities.

It was also the subject of discussion on The View yesterday. However, one co-host had to quickly apologize after realizing her attempt at humor was misjudged.

Joy Behar cracked a school yard-level crack about football and Nassib’s coming out.

“After they said ‘penetration in the end zone’ they lose me,” Behar said.

The joke landed with a thud. Ana Navarro placed her fingers in her ears while Megan McCain looked leaden-faced.

Attempting to claw back the damage, Behar later said, “I just long for the day when you can just be gay in the world, and it doesn’t become a big deal. By the way, that inappropriate joke I made for daytime television? Scratch it. Make believe I never said it.”