President Obama And SJP Want You To Marry Your Sister—But Not Really

In yet another example that there is not a straw too far that it cannot be grasped, conservatives are declaring that President Obama’s stance on equal rights is most definitely a stance for dismantling the institution of marriage.

Where have they found this proof this time? Well, Sarah Jessica Parker, in her ad for the “A Night in New York” sweepstakes, where the winner will get to dine with the Obamas in her home, says the President is “that guy” who “says you should be able to marry anyone you want.”

In his post, Carson Holloway draws a rather crooked, overlapping line to the intention behind President Obama’s beliefs as clarified through SJP’s contest pitch:

“…the argument by which the left defends same sex marriage is inseparable from an argument that marriage should be anything anybody wants it to be, which is the same thing as saying there should be no publicly normative definition of marriage, which is the same thing as destroying marriage as a public institution.”

That’s right. President Obama, Carrie Bradshaw and all those crazy liberals out there are putting their stamp of approval on polygamy and incest. In his defense, Holloway admits that it’s pretty unlikely that this is what the President intends… but why not put it out there anyway?

Source: CatholicVote