President Obama Shows Up At Seattle Pride (In Spirit)

Pride season is in full swing, which means that the GayCities Pride Photo Challenge has tons of submissions pouring in. Check out this great shot from Seattle Pride 2012, when Obama (or his oversized illustration) made an appearance. Certainly the beginning of his reign as LGBT champion extraordinaire. A rainbow never looked so presidential.

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  • jeff4justice

    ALL HAIL GWB’s 3rd & 4th TERM! That bird better watch out for a drone strike. Or maybe it’s a NSA messenger bird.

  • seaguy

    Last years Seattle Pride so this one is a year late, why was it even posted?

  • John Doe

    Obama has turned out to be SUCH a major disappointment. His attack on the 4th Amendment is a SERIOUS problem. This is exactly what the founding fathers did NOT want. How sad that many Americans fail to know their US history and why we even have a Bill of Rights.

    I find it often “telling” and enlightening to see how those outside the USA view issues. We can become so biased to things…. and of course our own media ends up being the lapdog to various Presidents. (Even with Bush they never challenged him on the Iraq war. They eagerly followed his lead).

    Here are some top “reader” comments from a recent Guardian (UK) article relating to Snowden & the NSA spying program that Obama and many of our lawmakers are defending.

    If Edward Snowden were Chinese, and he had released information about the Chinese state’s spying of theirs and Western citizens, he would be lauded by journalists (The Times, The New York Times, BBC etc.) about his “unwavering” commitment to “truth”, “freedom” and “humanity”, offered a university scholarship by John Kerry and possibly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Unfortunately, he’s American. So at best, he’s “crazy”, “deluded” and “misguided”, and at worst, a “traitor”, a “threat” and a “danger”.

    It’s ironic that the US Government has charged him under the “Espionage Act”, when espionage and pilfering of private citizens’ data is exactly what they have done. They should be trying themselves.

    The United States has been defecating on other nations for the better part of fifteen years with its half-baked foreign policies, global warmongering and complete disregard for the concerns of other sovereign nations.
    Now when the tables are turned and they need assistance to catch the individual who revealed the extent of their unbridled constitutional two-faced hypocrisy they’re actually surprised?

    When I was younger, it used to be that people of conscience from the east sought refuge in the west. Now it seems that the pendulum has swung the other way. It’s really rather saddening.

    The U.S is showing itself as a country that have no self control and without shame. If ever it had shame, it is ashamed it has been caught committing crime by breaking its own constitutional laws. The most shameful part of its all is Obama, a so called “constitutional professor” and huge disappointment.

    The illusion of US supremacy has been shattered and about time. Sanctemonious, arrogant, delusional, selfish and dangerous about covers it. About time the world woke up…..it really needed this reality check.
    I am beginning to believe that these revelations really have changed something permanently. I wonder if the US will be able to adapt to the new landscape?

    The lies of the Surveillance State apparatchiks and front men grow ever more “transparent” and ridiculous.
    Surely, even the densest of Brits and My Fellow Americans must be beginning to understand that they are being played for fools by Bosses who work for — someone other than us.
    Just despicable.

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