President Obama Was So Moved By “The Normal Heart” He Phoned Ryan Murphy To Learn More About It

bal-hbo-normal-heart-tv-movie-larry-kramer-201-001President Obama loved Eat Pray Love so much that he personally called up director Ryan Murphy to share how moved he was by Julia Roberts’ quest for identity in the modern age of romance.

Oh wait, it was Ryan Muphy’s more recent HBO film The Normal Heart that got POTUS on the line with the filmmaker.

Murphy confirmed the call to Deadline, adding that, “the whole movie is about Larry trying to get the attention of Washington and 30 years later, to get a call from the President is a full-circle moment.”

Which is pretty noteworthy if you think about it. During the time the film takes place, then-President Reagan epically failed to mention the epidemic, and never publicly acknowledged the crisis until the end of his second term in 1987. By that time, 36,058 Americans had been diagnosed with AIDS and 20,849 had died.

So to have our current president go out of his way to contact the filmmaker has to feel good to everyone who worked through blood, sweat and tears to raise awareness.

If you haven’t seen The Normal Heart yet, nag your Facebook friends until one of them gives your his HBO Go login and you’ll understand why Obama picked up the phone.

The film is an adaptation of Larry Kramer‘s Tony award-winning play about the rise of the AIDS-HIV crisis in the 80s, and should be required gay viewing.