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President Obama Will Be ‘Involved’ In Lobbying Senators To Repeal DADT

Is the White House at all concerned the Department Of Defense might be in contempt of court for refusing to halt DADT investigations and discharges, and refusing to enlist gay soldiers? Blah blah blah, responded Robert Gibbs at yesterday’s presser. So if he’s sticking with his Congressional repeal plan, might he actually pick up the phone to convince federal lawmakers they should support repeal? Yeah sure, says Gibbs. [via]

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  • Brutus


  • Cam

    Obama won’t do that, he didn’t before. He said that there would be no repeal this year, Congress voted anyway, and the White House said they wouldn’t support it until Congress agreed to take language out of the bill that PROHIBITED discrimination against gays, AND the White House inserted a passage that would allow the Pentagon to keep the policy indefinitly EVEN if Congress voted to repeal it.

    Oh yeah, he’s really going to be out there helping isn’t he?

  • Tony O

    Obama won’t do anything until we protest more and call him out for his bigotry. We need to support Robin McGehee and her courageous efforts. She knows we won’t get our equality until we threaten politicians. This November we’ll have a new Congress full of politicians afraid of GetEqual and Robin.

    The only way to get any action to to take action. Do that today and give GetEqual some money. They have made most politicians behave because they fear retribution. Robin has given her life to us, we should appreciate it and support her success.

  • emb

    Kinda sad how we’ve gone from “fierce advocate” of GLBT rights to this pathetic little display of weasley whinage.

  • Jenny

    I agree with everyone else – Robin McGehee is our new leader. Those protests really changed the tide. Obama is no scared and that’s exactly where we want him.

    I don’t have much money to donate, so I am buying less groceries and giving the money to Robin. Go get the Robin! They fear us now and they can’t stand up to you!

  • jason

    We need to get the Democratic Party ass lickers out of the gay rights movement. I’m referring to people like Joe Solomnese.

    Democratic Party ass lickers are one reason why we haven’t been able to achieve repeal of DADT.

  • Mark

    Hi won’t do a bloody thing. The man is ineffective when it comes to gay rights. He says to push him to do things and then he gets pissed off when we do.

    GWB got a lot of things done he wanted even when the dems controlled congress. Obama, you need to take some lessons from him and kick som effin ass!

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