Bottoms Up

President Obama’s Awkward Toast to the Queen

President Obama is such a moving orator, it’s even garnered him the title of potential Antichrist.

But Barack may still have his awkward moments around royalty. During the president’s toast to the Queen at Buckingham Palace this week, the orchestra misunderstood a cue and began playing the national anthem, cutting him off in the middle of his toast even though he was not quite done reading his 3×5 cards.

Obama should have just zipped it though, because even Pippa Middleton knows it’s uncouth to talk while the national anthem is playing. When he finally finished, all the guest (the Queen included) just stood there awkwardly, waiting for the orchestra to finish. The longest pregnant pause since Sarah Palin found out she was going to be a grandmother.

Still, it’s could have been worse — at least it wasn’t a flubbed toast to a drag queen. One wrong cue at a drag show and bitches will cut you.

via our buddy Joe