How comforting

Press Secretary has no idea whether Trump will roll back LGBT protections

Here’s your daily reminder that the Donald administration has zero interest in protecting LGBT people: when asked if they’d be keeping workplace nondiscrimination protections in place, spokesman Sean Spicer just kind of shrugged and said he had no idea.

Let’s just go out on a limb here and make a wild guess that the answer is no. Not a single member of in the incoming Republican administration — not even one — has ever said that queer people are entitled to employment protection on the basis of sexual orientation. The Vice President was fanatical in his defense of an Indiana bill that encouraged discrimination. So why on Earth would you think that they would suddenly protect your job?

Nevertheless, the morally bankrupt Log Cabin Republicans did their best to spin this into a positive thing — hey, look, he said he didn’t know, so maybe they’ll do the right thing! “The new administration has yet to consider the LGBT non-discrimination executive order,” said LCR Vice President Gregory Angelo, doing his best to defend people who built their careers by calling queers like him disgusting.

In one of his only consistent positions, Donald Trump has already said that he considers those workplace protections unconstitutional, so don’t everybody act shocked when they’re finally overturned. The administration has already made their feelings clear; it doesn’t matter that now they’re dodging questions, because we already know the answers.