How comforting

Press Secretary has no idea whether Trump will roll back LGBT protections

Here’s your daily reminder that the Donald administration has zero interest in protecting LGBT people: when asked if they’d be keeping workplace nondiscrimination protections in place, spokesman Sean Spicer just kind of shrugged and said he had no idea.

Let’s just go out on a limb here and make a wild guess that the answer is no. Not a single member of in the incoming Republican administration — not even one — has ever said that queer people are entitled to employment protection on the basis of sexual orientation. The Vice President was fanatical in his defense of an Indiana bill that encouraged discrimination. So why on Earth would you think that they would suddenly protect your job?

Nevertheless, the morally bankrupt Log Cabin Republicans did their best to spin this into a positive thing — hey, look, he said he didn’t know, so maybe they’ll do the right thing! “The new administration has yet to consider the LGBT non-discrimination executive order,” said LCR Vice President Gregory Angelo, doing his best to defend people who built their careers by calling queers like him disgusting.

In one of his only consistent positions, Donald Trump has already said that he considers those workplace protections unconstitutional, so don’t everybody act shocked when they’re finally overturned. The administration has already made their feelings clear; it doesn’t matter that now they’re dodging questions, because we already know the answers.

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  • dwes09

    What, no comments yet from the usual suspects making fun of those who want to know to what extent our equal protection is to be jeopardized?
    Perhaps they have suddenly developed logical/critical faculties?

    • ChrisK

      They’ll just slink off into the night like rats to never be heard from again.

    • dwes09

      Unlikely, but a nice thought.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Ben, the two of us need look no more.

  • Neonegro

    Trump already said gay marriage is the law.

    Trump has absolutely zero interest in the life of gays.

    • Ander

      I’ll save you the civics lesson, and just let you know that the president doesn’t decide what is, or is not “settled law,” so his statement in this regard is irrelevant.
      You are right about one thing, however: trump doesn’t care about gay people. That said, his vice- president, his cabinet picks and his top choice for Supreme Court justice all have a record of caring very much about taking away rights from LGBTs.

    • Neonegro

      I hear you but the article is about Trump.

      Anyone thinking that any of the gained rights will be rolled back needs more than just a civic lesson.

    • Thomas

      hi neonegro, this is my friend the civil rights act

    • Ander

      Semantics aside, the article is about a trump administration, and what actions he might take as president regarding protections for LGBT citizens. That would include appointments and nominations. So far, it’s not looking good, on that basis. The point the article makes is that his administration, via his spokesman, will not guarantee those protections.

    • Ander

      By the way, this about a lot more than the established right to marriage (although that is undoubtedly a target, based on those with who trump has aligned himself). This is about protections in a broader sense, as the article makes clear.
      As regards marriage, however, while that ruling may not be overturned, access to marriage could potentially see a number of attempted roadblocks, as is the case now in Texas.

    • Jack Meoff

      Since when can you take trump at his word. He has a whole cabinet of avid anti-gay advocates who want nothing more than to reverse that law.

  • Kieran

    This is why you want to cultivate friends, connections and influence with both parties. So that when you find yourself in a situation like this where the democrat party in Washington has effectively been routed you don’t find yourself neutered and powerless yourself.

    • LubbockGayMale

      If I have to kiss a** of politician to guarantee my job, that’s not employment, but patronage! I’ve never had trouble with any employer over being gay, but a lot of that was that I was damn good at doing my job so my bosses didn’t care (or didn’t talk about) my sexuality. Go figure.

    • Neonegro

      I agree.

      The LGBT SJWs attack any gay who does not embrace the democrat party. So when their party of choice is in the toilet, they have no voice in the other party.

    • Ander

      Good luck with the GOP.

    • FnameLname

      wow so basically you want people to join forces with both parties, regardless of their views and their history of setting the clock back 50 years for our community? Why not go back to staying in the closet, getting married to a woman and living a lie our entire lives? How do you sleep at night knowing you have sacrificed your integrity?

    • Ander

      I was all for the Log Cabin Republicans when I understood their goal was to influence the GOP to fight for LGBT citizens. As it turns out, their primary purpose has been to act as apologists for a political party that shows no such inclinations.

  • Kangol

    One of the people he’s considering nominating for the Supreme Court is an extremely anti-gay right winger, William Pryor. When Pryor was trying to challenge Lawrence v. Texas, he placed homosexuality in the same category as “bestiality,” “incest,” “pedophilia,” etc. Pryor is very dangerous.

    The other top candidate is Neil Gorsuch, who has a more polished (Columbia, Harvard, Oxford) pedigree, but also is extremely conservative, and an originalist and literalist like Scalia. These are both bad choices. Gorsuch probably has the likelier track since he will probably gain some Democratic votes because of his background. But they’re both bad.

    Trump is telegraphing that he’s no fan of LGBT. Maybe some of his right-wing gay followers will eventually grasp this.

    • Ander

      At this point, one has to wonder exactly what it would take for gay Trump supporters to grasp that reality.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      When the unions are made toothless by Friedrichs v California Teachers, many who voted for Trump will eventually grasp their mistake. The labor force is larger than our community. University professor round-up? Grab your partner. My spouse made me watch Rick Perry dancing to Green Acres. I can’t unsee it. Don’t, just don’t. Love yourselves.

  • Mo Bro

    I see the left is still desperately trying to scare themselves into believing Obama was exuberantly gay-friendly and Trump is rabidly against us—as in, he’s investigating how to lock us all up . . . or gas us . . . or something.

    I’d think living in such a state of fear of becoming a victim of this president must be very taxing on your psyche—but then again, liberalism is built on the very tenet of fearmongering and victimization, so it’s likely just another day in the ‘hood for you guys.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      and you, apparently.

    • Mo Bro

      Whoa, you certainly shut ME up, didn’t you?

    • 1EqualityUSA

      apparently not

    • Ander

      It would appear that the cult of trump is based on fear and victimhood. Muslims, Mexicans, women and such are to be reviled. Based on those trump has aligned himself with, it seems reasonable to add LGBT to that list.

      Obama’s administration established marriage equality. I don’t know if that is “exuberant” of him, but it is a fact. Also non-discrimination protections in government contracts, which trump intends to discard.

      If your standard for discrimination is limited to being locked up, gassed, etc., you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

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