Preston Still Crazy For Marc

Marc Jacobs‘ new boyfriend better watch his back, because the designer’s former rent boy toy, Jason Preston’s feeling pugnacious. Preston, who simply loves the attention, admitted to sending Jacobs’ new love interest, Austin A intimidating text messages, ie: ‘You’d better hope I never see you on the street.”

Well, actually Preston sent them to Jacobs to pass along to Austin.

“It’s true,” Jason admits.

Jason actually sent a text message to Marc Jacobs saying that Austin “better hope” he never runs into Preston on the street.

Because you know Jason Preston is so tough at 5’6 and 130lbs.

Both Jason and Austin have confirmed the texts. Mr. Preston seemed to think it was hilarious, but Austin acted confused.

“He’s a gold digger,” Jason said playing the role of the pot calling the kettle black.

Austin, for his part, says he only knows Preston from the press and insists he would not normally hang out with someone like Preston, ie: a hooker.