strip downs

Pretty Ricky’s Slick ’em Joins Insecure Hip-Hop Artists Exposing Themselves Online


What is it with the boys of Pretty Ricky going all homoerotic? The four-man hip-hop group has a new album coming in November, and to promote it they’ve taken to the Internet … to strip down.

In May, lead singer Spectacular Smith went on YouTube to challenge Chris Brown and Bow Wow to a dance off. Mr. Spectacular wore only red briefs. This, after the group already went gay in a cover video.

And now Corey “Slick ’em” Mathis is Twitpicking his package for all the Internets to see. Except, undoubtedly, web trolls will make fun of him for a small package, and Mr. Mathis will return with an oversized update a la Soulaj Boy.

Viral marketing: 1. Fighting gay rumors: 0.