Pretty Things: James Kendi Ties


We spend most of our time in filthy jeans and sweatshirts, but on the rare occassions when we escape the confines of our house, we like to look nice. And, for reasons we can only attribute to a suit fetish, we like to wear ties.

It’s hard to find a tie that really stands out, especially as more and more men have turned back time to reestablish the tie as part of their fashion. A few yeares ago, Hedi Slimane, the uber-hip designer over at Christian Dior, “introduced” the skinny tie, unleashing a new wave of men’s fashion upon the world. With all the hoopla, however, the movement’s become as fashionable as hyper-color shirts.

But, here’s a bit of good news for all you fashion forward faggots: designer James Kendi is looking to shake things up a bit more with the introduction of “The Dagger Tie.” Rather than coming to a point, the tie slants a bit to the side, giving it – and its wearer – a bit of an off-kilter look. We’ve been known to turn a slant away before, but this is definitely one we’ll relish. And you will, too.