Pretty Things: Matthias Herrmann

cum4.jpg cum3.jpg

German born artist Matthias Herrmann‘s most well-known for his penis. That’s because his particularly photogenic member peppers (peckers?) his work liberally.

While one may assume Herrmann’s work seeks only to further his own image, a little research suggests the opposite. In an interview with Butt Magazine from a few years back, Herrmann says:

A lot of people get this hyper-masculinity and vanity out of my work, more than I do. I’d like people to see that it’s not about me as some kind of porn stud. It’s vulnerability. It’s not about gaining power, but more about displaying masculine power in order to take it away…Obviously there are two opposite ways of approaching my work, but my intention is always to put things into question, by displaying them.

Dressing up as various characters and iconographic figures, Herrmann attempts to transcend physical and cultural boundaries through subversion and perversion. Whether or not he’s successful is for the reader to decide.

While we love his penis play, we’re especially intrigued by the 1994 series from which the image above originated. That there’s semen. (Or, as a reader suggested for Gay Speak, “the snack that swims.”) Ejaculate never looked so good. (Okay, okay, maybe it has…but still.)

For more on Matthias Herrmann and his work, check out his website.