Pretty Things: Suellen Parker

Showing at New York’s Daniel Cooney Gallery, lesbian artist Suellen Parker‘s “Incurable” addresses the ubiquitous desire for perfection: the unending quest for the perfect tan, body and life. Though not necessarily the most original of concepts, the Georgia-based artist’s work deserves a little recognition for its multilayered approach. Parker explains herself on her website:

The media I have chosen are significant to both the process and the meaning of the work. The characters are first formed in plasteline clay, which never dries. This allows me to continually manipulate features and forms, paralleling our bodies’ constant state of change over time and our attempts to cover up, reshape, and alter our appearances. Next, a picture is a taken of the sculpture… My use of the photograph demonstrates leaves out informations about the realities of the situation and freezes that moment in time.

From there, Parker digitally implants pictures of human eyes, giving them an emotive eeriness that breathes fresh life into a tired subject.

Suellen Parker, “Having a Ball (Keep On Keeping On)” from Incurable, showing at Daniel Cooney Fine Art (511 West 25th Street, Suite 506) through March 3rd, 2007.