Pretty Things: Thomas Weisskopf


In our effort to provide you with a little art, we bring you photographer Thomas Weisskopf and his recent series, “Ladyboys.” After focussing his gaze on a group of Swiss soccer boys, Weisskopf headed to Bangkok to capture the transcendental beauty of Thai trannies. Of the photos, Weisskopf says:

I wanted to show the self-confidence and the fragility of these people. They walk the line; it is just a part of their self-presentation. They want to appear beautiful as long as possible, knowing that they will fade like a flower.

Unlike Nan Goldin, who also featured Thai transsexuals in her work, Weisskopf neglects snapshots, choosing instead a line of portraiture at once confrontational and inviting. Take a look for youself and let us know what you think.

“I Walk the Line” [Sleek Magazine]