Preventing Someone’s Suicide Might Be Easier Than You Think

The best way to celebrate Suicide Prevention Week is by not killing yourself. See, that was easy! And now that you’ve saved your own life, let’s learn how to help save someone else’s. Glee’s Kevin McHale and The Trevor Project have some ideas.

While you aren’t responsible for anyone who decides to commit suicide, you can listen assist them in getting the help they need. McHale suggests you tell your suicidal pal “Talk to me,” so they know that someone gives a crap. Accept their feelings, take them seriously, and show genuine concern as talking about suicide will help both of you share more about your own experiences.

If your suicidal buddy has a plan to kill themselves, help keep them safe by telling someone you trust. Also make sure to also connect them to resources like the 24-7 Trevor suicide prevention hotline at (866) 4-U-TREVOR. All calls are confidential and free.

Helping a suicidal friend can be emotionally taxing, so it helps to remember the other people willing to assist you and your friend. It’s also nice to know that the adorkable Mr. McHale is always willing to listen. Oh, the things we would tell him.