Price Is Right Spokesmodel Tweets Gay Jokes, Upsets DC Radio Personality

Jerry Houston, a DJ on Hot 99.5 in DC, is rankled by some gay jokes Price is Right model Amber Lancaster (above) recently tweeted. But her comments are hardly Carson Daly-level offenses. We’re not even sure you could really call them jokes—they’re more like observations.

In one instance, Lancaster tweeted that “A gay guy just told me he’s allergic to nuts. #irony”. She later posted that “a gay guy I just met goes to a lesbian butcher to get his meat.”

If Lancaster is prepping some material for a standup act, she might want to go back to the drawing board.

Houston posted the tweets on the 99.5 blog and said “it’s kinda crazy to me that my favorite game show would have a model on the cast that thinks it’s ‘ok’ to make fun at the expense of gays.”

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen so much worse, but we don’t really see anything offensive about Lancaster’s tweets. We can’t cry foul every time someone mutters the word “gay.” And besides, this is a woman who makes her living pointing at living room furniture. Cut her a little slack.

Source: Hot 99.5 via Towleroad. Photos via Twitter, Price is Right