Nation Breathes Collective Sigh of Relief...

Price Not Right For Rosie

Rosie O’Donnell will not be the next host of The Price Is Right. Despite former host Bob Barker‘s Emmy endorsement and O’Donnell’s public display of expectation, it seems the lesbianic chatter box and CBS simply can’t reach a compromise. Rosie butting heads with network executives? What a fucking shocker.

Rosie wanted the gig, but refused to move to Los Angeles. She asked producers if she could tape multiple episodes a day, but they weren’t having it. Now that the deal’s dead, Rosie says she didn’t want it anyway:

Here’s the thing. I don’t really need a job. I’m in a weird position. I don’t need the money. I know you’re not allowed to talk about money in America. But I’m just saying I don’t. So to get my entire family uprooted from their lives and move them across the country so that I can have a fantasy childhood indulgence job just doesn’t seem fair.

Well, at least she’s got a relatively balanced sense of justice, huh?