Homo blowhard Chris Crain doesn’t approve of Real World alum Dan Renzi’s editorial appointment at Floridian fag-rag Express Gay News. And who would? Consider Renzi’s coverage of gay marriage in California: “Who wants to write a story for me about the whole gay marriage thing?” Nice. [Citizen Crain]

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  • ggreen

    Dan’s not anti-evolution, Dan just thinks that everything in the world evolves around him.

  • fredo777

    “Thanks, Crain, you dick.”


  • fredo777

    Uh, btw, he is openly gay, right?

    What’s his issue w/ gay marriage? Is he a homo-con?

    Admittedly, I don’t know much about the kid other than that he was on The Real World once.

  • Bastard Step Child

    Awwwwwww someone’s taking pot shots at Queerty…..much like when you take potshots at other publications liek HX and Genre….how sad…let me shed a tear…

  • Mark Wickens

    Did he change the post? All I see now is “Renzi’s journalism credentials — a few freelance articles and a stint at Queerty — are certainly unusual” which doesn’t look like a shot at anyone but Rezni.

  • noah

    Chris Crain? The Republican who gave Jeff Gannon a voice in Crain’s “gay” paper?

    And Crain criticizes other people’s journalistic credentials? What about a little integrity?

  • Countervail

    Now, now boys. I read Chris’s piece through and while he’s very critical of Dan Renzi, he does back it up and he doesn’t slam you though you seem to want to take it that way.

    Renzi’s ramblings as quoted on Chris’s blog make him sound like a bit of an ego-centric ass, and I’ve not seen much evidence otherwise.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    Crain’s bitter since David Unger let him go, but this time, he has a point. The guy doesn’t seem to have much gong for him journalistically – only celebrity (pretty love level at that).

  • John In Manhattan

    Chris Crain is a conservative, i.e., asshole. Dan Renzi is silly, i.e., useless. But I gotta say, QUEERTY, which I read daily, is snarky. I know, I know, I’m a sensitive flower. Its just that when I read stories of hatred, bigotry, and violence against gay folks coupled with gay slurs in an attempt at humor (“homo blowhard” and “fag rag”), it makes me queasy. Similar to when I read other gay blogs that use the offensive term “tranny”, which QUEERTY doesn’t do, does it?

    It’s a great blog here that I’ll continue reading and recommending. I’m not the word police and always appreciate a good fart joke at no one’s expense. I just wish the juvenile gay slurs were left to the Perez Hiltons of the blogosphere.

  • jk

    Crane just added Queerty to his “Sources” links, which he says is for “my take on the best gay political blogs, gay general blogs and news sources, and the best political blogs and news sources in general.” (

    No. 4 has it about right — Queerty can dish it out with the best of ’em, but you can’t take it at all. Sensitive!!

  • l

    Good point, John. A real journalist would have definable standards for what words can be used and why. Something other than “I don’t like them and that’s how I express it”. By the way, this in no way prevents a writer from being snarky. I love snarky!

  • Thomas Delayed

    Crain is not a journalist. He can not accept his non entity status in the US now that he is an ex-pat. Dan Renzi has worked tirelessly for HIV causes. Donated a shitload of time to important causes.

    Crain thinks that he and Ann Sullivan have cornered the market on gay media. They are wrong.
    They are the Robert Byrd and Dr. Al Sharpton of the GLBTQ community. It makes them nuts that people with a sense of humor and adventure would be given an outlet. My guess would be that
    this particular outlet refused to air that tired fucking diatribe that Crain calls a column.

    So loosen up, give Renzi a know like they way you gave Jeff Gannon a chance when you hired him. That was a brilliant move. It hardley leaves Crain in a place to complain about this choice.

    Stay out of the United are not wanted or needed her.

  • chuck

    Here. Her should be here.

    And have a heart. Chris is not an expat by choice. You can blame Mr. Bush for that. He won’t let multi-national couples bring their partners to the US.

    Mr. Bush shoudd leave the United States and NOT come back. He’s not wanted here either.

    And, Noah…Crain is a Republickin? He’s for Obama, not McPain.

    Obama’s a Democrat, remember? (you know…the guy with the white hat)

    Oh, was I being snarky by any chance? ;)

  • dfrw

    Wow, the homocons have another web site. How many are the up to now?

  • Thomas Delayed

    Crain is an ex pat by choice. He could stay and fight the fight that we all fight. Instead he chooses to judge the way others fight from afar.
    There are neocons and neocunts, there are hypocrits and hypoclits, there are right wingers and right flamers. This is the wussification of
    the artist formerly known as Crain….Kris Krained.

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