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Pride House London Unveiled For 2012 Summer Olympics

Last year, the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver were the first to host a Pride Housea safe haven for LGBT competitors and a place to break down barriers of homophobia and transphobia in the sports arena.

Now, as the world readies for next year’s Summer Olympics, organizers have unveiled the official plans for Pride House London, located in Clapham Common in the southwest part of the city.

Chad Molleken, the Executive Director of Pride House London, said, “Next summer Pride House will welcome athletes, dignitaries, media, Londoners and visitors from around the world with a dynamic and entertaining programme in support of the LGBT community.” One of many hospitality “houses” that crop up during the Olympics, Pride House will offer music, live entertainment, art, athlete appearances and more—and is expected to draw over 250,000 visitors over the 17-day games, which run July 27 to August 12, 2012.

“It is likely that Pride House will be one of the biggest Olympic houses, perhaps second only to the Dutch ‘Heineken House’ at Ally Pally” writers The Londonist. “It will be the first Pride House to set up during the summer games.”

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  • Nick

    Is the location a coincidence? Clapham Common’s a cruising ground.

  • jason

    I’m sorry but this ridiculous Pride House is a form of stupid segregationism. Don’t the silly Brits ever learn? They are bereft of truly activist notions, preferring instead to play it safe with these enclaves that dot their psychological landscape.

    The British gays are basically twits and fetishists.

  • Fagburn

    Who cares?

  • Robert in NYC

    Really Jason? Have you ever lived there? I had lived there for many years. I don’t find them twits at all, far from it. FYI, the Brits have a far better record on rights for LGBT people than the US and its conservative coalition government is now supporting marriage equality and expects to make it legal before the end of the current parliament in 2015, if not sooner. They have their own version of ENDA already the law of the land for several years; gays have been able to serve openly in their military for 12 years and can bring their partners on base to live with them and receive all the rights that heterosexual couples do, unlike our own gay service members; plus they can adopt children in every part of their country and sponsor their binational partners with or without any legal union for permanent residence; lesbians can have invitro fertilization free of charge on the National Health Service. It’s a pretty impressive record. What do we have, precious little. If anyone’s a twit it’s you for making such a blanket statement about a culture and people you know little of, but instead resort to stereotypes that are often unfounded.

  • jason

    The Brits have a highly divided social structure. There’s a class system. This segregationist notion extends to sexuality. Socially, there is very little acceptance of gay people. Gay people are forced to separate themselves from the rest of society. It’s the old separate-but-equal notion. Although, really, there is not much equality even at the legal level.

  • rory

    @jason: I live here. I don’t a clue what you’re trying to natter on about. I’ve been accepted my everyone and have never had to, nor have I felt that I should, segregate myself at any point. So really, it’s hard for me to comprehend what on earth you are trying to get at here!

  • Mike

    re: jason, are you for real! have you actually ever been to the UK! if not your really should come over, you’ll find the days of Dickens have long gone!

  • Chris


    No we don’t. You ought to come and visit.

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