PHOTOS: Pride Toronto Is Superqueer!


PHOTOS: The theme of this year’s Pride Toronto was “Superqueer!” which may be redundant given the city’s already broad spectrum of LGBTQs — from X-Men cosplayers and gaymers to out-and-proud asexuals — and super progressiveness. In fact, next year Toronto is super proud to host the global World Pride celebration.

While Toronto’s reviled and homophobic mayor, Rob Ford, was conspicuously absent during Pride Sunday yet again, away at his family cottage or perhaps smoking crack as a recent scandal alleges, there was a huge six-figure turnout, while the weekend saw performances by plenty of gaylebrities like Jinkx Monsoon, and the entire gay village transformed into a closed-off party zone.

Sunday’s parade saw a few floats and marchers celebrating the USA’s defeat of DOMA — “we feel the sort of the sense of pride and happiness you have when you hear your brother is gonna get married,” one Toronto gay commented — while Canada’s first openly gay premier, Kathleen Wynne, marched to much applause.

Here’s a taste of Toronto’s Superqueerness!


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