Rains On Family's Parade

Priest Bans Trans Politico From Being Bridesmaid

The Catholic Church flexed its anti-trans muscle this week when it banned trans politico Vladimir Luxuria from being a bridesmaid at her cousin’s wedding:

[Luxuria] said she had been asked by her cousin to be the bridesmaid at her Catholic wedding, to be held at an ancient sanctuary in Foggia, southern Italy.

But Father Francesco, the sanctuary’s pastor, told Reuters the request was rejected because Luxuria, a former drag queen and defender of gay rights, “does not believe in family values, even from a political point of view”.

“His personal choices are another matter, I have already explained this to him,” the priest said by phone on Wednesday.

Luxuria’s Communist Refoundation party called the ban “illegal and racist”.

Well, it’s not exactly racist, but it’s just as discriminatory. And evil. Or, as Luxuria’s party says, “Once again, the Church shows its discriminatory and fundamentalist face.”