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Priest blows the lid on “secret gay cabal” in the Catholic church

Here we go again, folks.

British priest Father David Marsden, S.C.J., claims he lost his job at St. Mary’s Seminary at Oscott College because he exposed a secret gay subculture by letting gay men study for the priesthood.

“This approach is clearly ignoring the Church’s teaching on this vital issue, yet for some strange reason, bishops are still not being made accountable for disregarding this important instruction,” Marsden wrote in an open letter to the seminary. “Whilst the teaching is clear, the practice in so many dioceses is deeply compromised. Can I make a huge plea that something be done about this widespread abuse?”

The “abuse” Marsden refers to is the widespread sexual misconduct by priests who have abused men and women. Marsden wants to cast the scandal as solely a gay one, conducted by a cabal of nefarious homosexuals. The Vatican currently prohibits ordination of out-gay men.

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Still, Marsden claims that Canon David Oakley, head of the seminary, knowingly admits gay men into the program. “The rector will not dismiss a candidate from the seminary who admits to being ‘gay’ out of fear that his bishop will not agree with his decision,” he said. “The problem, therefore, quietly continues.”

“It has become very clear that cardinals,” Marsden expands, “bishops and senior clergy from around the world are still openly dissenting against the Church’s teaching that prohibits the entrance into seminary formation of men with a homosexual orientation. This is the root cause of the most pressing scandal of our times,” Marsden said. “In fact, it is destroying the priesthood from within.”

Notice how Fr. Marsden’s charges mention nothing about rape, child molestation or the thousands of female victims who have accused priests of sexual misconduct. In fact, he ignores sex crimes completely; the only misconduct Marsden mentions, is gay men in the priesthood.

Needless to say, we think Fr. Marsden–and the church–have more pressing issues to address.