Priest Comes Out, Flying Horsemen Do Not Appear

Canadians are so freaking cool. I mean, they’ve legalized same-sex marriage and now one of their Catholic priests has come out on national television. “I’m a Roman Catholic priest. And I’m gay.” A perfect sound bite for such a hot button topic. You can bet a ratings-starved Diane Sawyer is scouring Saint Patrick’s Cathedral right now with her gaydar at full-strength.


As we’ve been telling you since we first got word, the Vatican is typing up a document which is reported to state gay priests must remain closeted and have been celibate for at least 3 years. Like we needed even more reason to stay away from the priesthood.

So is our newly-outed Jesus-loving friend, Reverend Karl Clemens in big trouble?

The church does not bar homosexuals from the priesthood, but frowns on priests who publicly identify themselves with a homosexual lifestyle or culture. At issue, a church spokesman said, is whether a priest’s statements or lifestyle cause scandal for the church by “sowing confusion in the public’s minds.

We’re watching closely how this will play out. Will the Catholic Church finally do what’s right or will they stick to their outdated ways? Canadians have always been more progressive (well, Bryan Adams was one whopping musical step back) and let’s hope that holds true here as well, eh.

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