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Priest Roundly Blames Marriage Equality For 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake


An Italian priest thinks a particularly pissy God became cross at same-sex marriage last week, and began hurdling tectonic plates hither and yon in some sort of Monotheistic temper tantrum, so great was His rage.

Despite sharp criticism from the Vatican, Father Giovanni Cavalcodi made the controversial assertion shortly after Italy experienced a 6.6 magnitude earthquake, the worst the country has seen in three decades.

According to RT, Cavalcodi told radio station Radio Maria that the rumblings were “divine punishment” for “the offense to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions.”

He’s certain this has everything to do with Italy passing legislation in October that allows civil unions between same-sex couples.

The Vatican roundly condemned the comments on Friday, saying Cavalcodi has views that date back to “the pre-Christian era.”

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In fact, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the Vatican’s number two head honcho, called the statement “offensive for believers and scandalous for non believers,” and asked earthquake victims to forgive the comments.

They “have nothing to do with Church teachings and are contrary to the vision of God as offered to us by Christ,” he says.

On Saturday, Radio Maria were equally eager to distance themselves from Cavalcoli’s comments, calling them “unacceptable” and suspending him from his monthly show.

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For all this criticism, Cavalcodi is evidently unfazed if not downright rebellion, telling another radi ostation that the Vatican should “read their catechism” and insisting earthquakes as a whole were the result of “sins of the man.”

No word yet on his views regarding typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, or sunshine.