Priests Not Toeing Vatican Line

Pope Benedict XVI may officially speak for the Catholic Church, but does he really speak for the Catholic Church? Apparently not. An Italian magazine got all sneaky and sent 24 reporters to test the holy waters by confessing fabricated sins. While would one expect priests to follow Benny and friends’ staunch statutes against stem-cell research, gays and the such, the results show a chasm in conviction.

One reporter asked a Naples friar whether or not she should take his lifeless father off life support, to which the priest replied,

Don’t think any more about it. I myself, if I had a father, a wife or a child who had lived for years only because of artificial means, would pull out [the plug].

Meanwhile, another priest told a gay man that he needn’t live his life in the closet: “Generally, the best attitude is to be yourself – what in English is called ‘coming out’.”

Upon hearing the news, Benedict swore to God Almighty that he would eat every single one of their brains. When someone asked whether or not that would make him a murderer, the Pope laughed before biting of their face. He was later appeased by news that all of the priests vehemently oppose abortion.

It’s the little things in life…

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  • Threnody

    Not entirely surprising. Of the many Catholics I’ve known very few are actually all that judgmental. Hell, I’ve even known some moderately tolerant fundamentalists. Still it’s nice to hear that there are people working for the church that think for themselves.

  • noah

    That picture: I didn’t realize that vampires could walk in daylight. Damn, if he isn’t one scary looking creature.

  • Mike

    Benedict the XVI is our Papa, our Pope. As ROMAN Catholics we follow under the Vatican. The Church teaches us not to be judgemental on people’s sins or their status of salvation. But the fact remains, the Holy Spirit guides our Church Leaders, and Jesus established the Pope in Peter. “Upon you Peter (Petra), I shall build my Church…” The Roman Catholic Church fights for morals and values in a world were people like noah give no respect for people, most espeacially those that are in a position of great stress and pressure. Our Church disagrees with abortion b.c it gives no chance for life, euthanasia b.c it is murder, to gays b.c out bodies and our souls and naturally made for a women and a man. The Church doesn’t force you to believe, but if you are going to call yourself ROMAN Catholic, you should follow the Vicar of Rome. Plus, name calling is not showing tolerance of anything and just goes to show how judgemental a person can be of something they don’t give a chance to understand. JMJ.

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