Primetime’s Favorite Gay Couple Finally Got Engaged, Isn’t It Time They Had Sex?

mitchell-and-cam-modern-familyEver since viewers got to know Cam and Mitch, the devoted gay couple with children on ABC’s Modern Family, their inevitable marriage had been the subject of much speculation from season to season. The couple’s nuptials were never a matter of if, but when, so it came as no surprise when the network debuted the fifth season of the Emmy-winning comedy this week with a much-anticipated gay proposal.

What may seem like a long-overdue story arc to some could not have happened at a better time, according to openly gay series writer Jeffrey Richman. He told The Hollywood Reporter this week that “we hadn’t really talked about Mitch and Cam getting married until DOMA and Prop 8 came onto our radar.” After living together for eight years and adopting a daughter together, Richman said he wasn’t going to have the characters get married in a different state or “have a fake commitment ceremony.”

The plan to get Cam and Mitch hitched was set into motion months before the historic Prop 8 ruling this summer, a leap of faith that ultimately paid off for the show’s writers when their storyline finally became, well, legal.  “I started writing, I became unexpectedly emotional,” Richman said of the proposal scene, which you can watch below. “I completely teared up seeing that moment where they both just say ‘yes’ at the exact same time. That was so moving for me. I felt like, ‘OK, maybe I got it right because I never cry at weddings.’”

A well-earned cry, if you ask us. Though it’s hard to believe, Modern Family has actually made history by sporting the very first gay characters on television to be legally married. “I realize how unbelievably fortunate I am as a writer and as a gay person to have participated in something like this,” Richman concluded, “and on an insanely popular TV show.”

But is it enough? How long are we to bask in the glory of TV’s first legal gay couple before we start demanding more?

Not long, apparently. Just hours after the proposal premiered, Salon went ahead and blasted the network for lacking in the gay sex department. In a post filed under “homophobia,” Katie McDonough points to recent research that suggests gay characters in pop culture have greatly influenced attitudes toward LGBTs in general and suggests the network may do well to jump in the sack with Cam and Mitch.

“Given the power of pop culture to shape and influence people’s views, wouldn’t a little romp between Cam and Mitch go a long way in terms of deflating homophobic squeamishness about gay sex?”, she asks, noting that the sitcom has explored the sex lives of the show’s other heterosexual couples:

In its effort to secure equal marriage rights, groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry painted a very palatable (and, of course, utterly realistic for many gay couples) portrait of suburban families who want the same things every other committed, long-term couple wants, like the ability to share health insurance, gain access to tax breaks and the like.

But the message behind the movement was, and continues to be: Gay people are just like straight people in their desires for safety, stability and mainstream acceptance. And that other thing? That sex thing? Let’s not talk about it.

What do you think? Would the unwashed masses benefit from watching a little Mitch on Cam (or Cam on Mitch?) action?

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  • Torrie

    No one wants to watch two ugly guys have sex

  • onahigh23

    I can’t imagine anyone needing to see these two having sex on a SITCOM. Besides who would top?

  • scooterdie

    I don’t watch the show so I don’t know if they’ve ever been shown in the same bed, but for me that would be enough. I am gay but when I watch a comedy I don’t want to see any simulated sex scenes. If their kid runs in with breakfast in bed on their honeymoon, that would be something I’ve never seen on primetime and it should not offend anyone and I’d like to see it. As for reaching for the lube and poppers, not in a comedy.

  • niles

    They should break up this farce of a relationship. Bring in some hot guys because nobody wants to picture Tubby and Red getting it on.

  • mz.sam

    In agreement totally…I could give a rat’s ass if they never do have sex. This coupling is a big joke. Besides, they both look like power bottoms with all four legs strung mid-air waiting for the ceiling to fall.

  • middleagespread

    Not all of us look like models with 2% body fat. I would not want to have people see me on tv going at it. But, come on please stop with the degrading remarks about looks and weight. There is a lid of every pot.

  • Fang2012

    Claire and Phil have had episodes focused on their sex lives. Jay always makes sexualized comments towards Gloria. I would say the sterilization of Cam and Mitchell’s relationship is a symptom of homophobia.

    Progress doesn’t preclude homophobia!

  • adam madam

    Cam and Mitch are boringly normative–Mitch’s father and step-mother are hotter and have more interesting, less conservative sex lives than Mitch and Cam. Heck, the teenage Haley has a more interesting sex life than her uncle Mitch (and she has better taste in men).

    Why should Cam and Mitch pattern their relationship after the other two family groupings on the show, anyway? “Modern Family” could be the first t.v. depiction of non-monogamy, three-ways, Grindr-hookups. Why not? I might actually watch the series!

  • TheMarc

    Good lord, you really can’t please everyone can you? First off, I’ve watched the show…I don’t recall very many steamy sex scenes with the other couples either. Yay equality! Some of these comments are disturbing. In our fight for equality, We, I guess I use this word loosely, want to show to the world that a fair amount of us are just as “normal” as heterosexuals. That we’re not all buff part-time go-go boys and hair dressers who party and have sex every night. And then we see a reasonably normal gay couple portrayed on a hit tv show and they’re horrible because they’re boring and unattractive. Wow, way to show the world that not only are we as normal as anyone else but we can also be just as despicable and shallow; sadly, if not more so.

  • Dxley

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww. Please. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to watch such a FAAAAAAAT guy having sex. I don’t even know how his real-life girlfriend kisses him but please, don’t do this to us. I swear I’m going to throw up on my tv if I see Eric with his top off. Please, no!!! They shouldn’t even kiss. It’s okay the way they act, I mean it’s fine. They don’t touch nor kiss and I’m PERFECTLY FINE with that. Just don’t make them have sex on my sex. I’m going to have to replace my tv real quick if they have sex on it. I think I’m going to throw up :/ . Just DON’T make them have sex, hell, don’t even make them get married. This article just ruined my day and made me totally lose my appetite. This is disgusting! It’s far worse than finding someone’s shit in the toilet. God, no!!! PLEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE!!!

  • Dxley

    …just don’t make them have sex on my TV…

  • dvlaries

    Queer As Folk gave us sexually active hunks like Gale Harold, Robert Gant, Matt Battaglia, Chris Potter, Lee Rumohr, Barna Moricz, Bobby Johnston and Matthew G. Taylor. Near ten years later you wanna propose this kind of regression and have me tune in? No thanks.

  • Jamal

    They have money, stop being lazy. I hate a gay lazy blubbering slob. Now everyones gonna think we’re ugly and boring, I would rather have the hot chelsea guy sterotype. They will think bad about us either way so why not?
    This would be worst than watching Chaz Bono have sex with a hot dog.

  • jwrappaport

    Has the author even seen the show? This is a network television sitcom, not Queer As Folk. I’m sympathetic to the charge that Cam and Mitchell are portrayed in a highly stylized and non-threatening way, but I feel like most of the couples are in the show: it’s a bloody network television, family-friendly (in the non-AFA sense of the term) sitcom.

    @mz.sam: You made my morning. Thank you.

  • loua61

    The comments on here are deeply disturbing. You guys really make me wish I was not gay. To bash a gay couple on TV because they are not hot, young and buff makes me sick. Gays like everyone else come in all shapes, sizes, and attractiveness. I don’t here anybody commenting on the fact that Gloria is hot and that Jay is an older slightly overweight older man. I don’t hear anyone saying that watching those two in bed will make them sick and throw out their TV. But yet the gay couple has to be two underwear models, and if their not they are considered a big joke as a coupling. News flash guys we are all not underwear models and you are ALL going to get old and some day you will be the one being on the end of a turned up nose by a younger and hotter guy. Repeat the comments and attitudes here are so sad.

  • richwar

    Straight people know that gay people have sex; by definition that’s what distinguishes them from heterosexuals.

    What many straight people can’t conceptualize is that gay people can love each other in the same way heterosexuals do. That, I believe, is the non-religious objection to marriage equality. Sex is sex; after all, it even happens in prisons. But love?

    Concentrating on Cam and Mitch’s love and affection for each other is more informative and, in its way, radical to the general population than showing them in bed together.

  • Cam

    It is nothing to do with having sex.

    What I would wish for Cam and Mitchel is that for once as a couple they showed even for a second that they actually liked each other.

    There is nothing between this couple other than Cam throwing hysterical fits over some perceived slight and Mitchel rolling his eyes. There is not one single thing that would ever show you why these two are together.

    Claire and Phil get tired of each other but also show affection and attraction for each other, as do Gloria and her husband. Cam and Mitchel are just neutered clowns.

  • the other Greg

    I remember an episode of “Will and Grace” where Karen and Jack get so bored they resort to watching TV. They click around and Karen dismisses each channel by saying, “Fat guy, skinny wife… Fat guy, skinny wife… Fat guy, skinny wife….”

    For awhile there around 2000, that was it, but fortunately “King of Queens” is the only one that’s survived into eternal syndication. Imagining Cam and Mitch having sex for real is a lot like imagining Leah Remini with Kevin James: it just seems so unlikely!

    @Dxley: I advise you to stay away from “King of Queens” reruns also!

  • Dxley

    @the other Greg: Noted! I won’t. Justin and Brian on Queer As Folk were the shit, but I preferred Ben and Michael because even though they had a real sex life, there was real chemistry and it was actually convincing, hence their wedding. I’m not going to lie, but I prefer hunks over these two(Cam and Mitch), I like Jesse Tyler but he doesn’t have that dark aura, that enigma that Gale Harold has. I love that in a man, I love a man who looks dangerous and loves sex, and Jesse Tyler is like Barney from Barney and Friends, I like the man but he’s harmless and as for Eric, um….. GROSS. He’s disgusting, like really disgusting. They expect me to watch that thing “make love” on my tv? With what dick? He’s fat and fat guys have nothing below the belt. Really disturbing. I mean it that I won’t watch two UNATTRACTIVE guys trying to fuck, Jesse is bearable and I love him but not Eric Stonestreet(if I’m right because I really don’t know his last name). I’m definitely not watching. Sorry!!! I, shamelessly, say that I want hot young things on tv. Get over it. They’re just a big joke no matter how much you try to stand up for them. Pathetic!

  • loua61

    @Dxley: I can’t believe I am responding to you, a perfect stranger that I will never ever meet in person, but as much as I hate to admit it, you really got to me this morning. Fat guys have nothing below the belt, that doesn’t even make sense. Saying Eric is gross and disgusting is just mean and shallow. You have mentioned in your previous posts that you are in amazing shape and how wonderful your life is with your amazing partner and how much money you have. If you are all those things you mentioned (people like to make things up) good for you. But no matter how prefect you may or may not be you are the type of guy I would not go near with a ten foot pole. I like men of substance and depth, things you seem to be lacking. I hope for your sake you never reach a point in your life where you are unable to maintain your prefect body and amazing good looks. What will you do, kill yourself. Or God forbid all the mirrors in your house break and you can’t admire and gawk at yourself a million times a day. if anything is pathetic it is you.

  • Dxley

    @loua61: I don’t make up things I don’t have, I don’t care whether you believe me or not(hell, I don’t even want you to believe me) but I’m living a good life. I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree when I was only 21. I’m the type of guy you wouldn’t go near with a ten foot pole? I don’t care, because I don’t need anybody. I’ve got my house(we’re not talking stupid apartments that you rent) and two cars at 25. I wouldn’t make these things up, for real. Another thing is, we all have different tastes and I’m just voicing my opinion saying that Eric is gross but it’s true. Fat guys all have small dicks and that’s a fact, believe it or not. I would never get excited if I try a fat guy, it’d be like eating cereals with water. No taste, sorry. The truth be told, my guy is the tolerant one in the house. He accommodates people and weighs everyone pretty much the same because he’s really a sweet guy, and I don’t usually do sweet men but there’s something I just can’t deny about him. He’s all I’ve been waiting for, he’s enigmatic but with an angelic aura(something I wouldn’t usually go for). He’s intelligent, rich, handsome(face + body) and just a great man. I say what I want to, and how I want to. I’m not going to try and sugar-coat this, NO!!! I have a number of gay friends, and NONE would date him if he were not straight(thank God he is) and a celeb. Would you sleep with that?

  • Niall

    No thank you. Though I’d like them to allude to it, just so my question of who’s top can be answered, because I definitely can’t figure it out.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Dxley: Congratulations on your wonderful life! I just have one question. Do you know that fat men have small dicks from personal encounters? Since you make yourself sound like someone who would walk across the street to avoid talking to a fat man much less making genital contact/inspections it strikes me that you are just blowing bilge out your bunghole you ignorant bigot.

  • liza dany

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  • enfilmigult

    Wait, “the very first gay characters on television to be legally married”? I thought Shonda Rhimes had already gotten there in “Scandal.” (Maybe even “Grey’s Anatomy,” I don’t know if that one was legal or not.)

  • genmes

    If gays do not want to be discriminated generally, they should also not discriminate gay people who don’t fit into their myopic fantasies. It saddened me on how some comments here are generally cruel and harsh towards the actor due to their physical appearances. Cam and Mitch character represent gay people in a real similar situation. There are gays who are not born gifted with good looks. We tends to protest and voice out against individuals and organisations who discriminate us and yet we discriminate gay people who are unattractive and do not fit into certain mould. It’s even so hypocritical that some gays here have to resort to name calling such as “fat”, “ugly”, “tubby” and “red”.

  • Dxley

    @Alan down in Florida: Yes, I’ve seen them with my two naked eyes. They have small dicks, and why do you have to attack me on something we all is true? I still stand by what I said. Cam and Mitch are a joke. A huge RED, FAT and UGLY joke!

  • Cam

    @genmes: said…

    “If gays do not want to be discriminated generally, they should also not discriminate gay people who don’t fit into their myopic fantasies. It saddened me on how some comments here are generally cruel and harsh towards the actor due to their physical appearances.

    I get what you are saying, but I have two problems with it.

    1. Civil rights are not tied to how a group behaves. i.e. if you said something like “Well women shouldn’t have the right to vote because look how nasty they are to fat people” you would be looked at as if you were insane.

    2. When gay groups first started mentioning that Cam and Mitch never showed affection the straight actor who plays Cam said that gays were lucky to even get a gay couple on the show and that basically we should sit down and shut up.

    3. When asked how he came up with the character of Cam he said he based it off his mother, because of COURSE any gay character to him is a hysterical woman with a penis.

    The guy has been fairly nasty to the community, fought back against the characters ever kissing and plays a walking stereotype. If there is some irritation expressed towards him I’m afraid it’s warranted.

  • the other Greg

    @Cam: “1. Civil rights are not tied to how a group behaves. i.e. if you said something like “Well women shouldn’t have the right to vote because look how nasty they are to fat people” you would be looked at as if you were insane.”

    Damn – that’s funny. I wonder if anyone used that argument back around 1913. Maybe they did.

    ”Abolish the 19th Amendment – Let Them Eat Yogurt”

  • stranded

    I don’t think it’s about watching them have sex, it should be treated like a sexual problem we’ve seen before with other couples in other sitcoms. One partner not interested, finding ways to spice it up.

  • Cam

    So they proposed to each other this season and just smiled at each other, no kiss, not even a hug. Gee, what a shock.

  • Dxley

    Eric, though *throws up* Why didn’t they choose a hot thing for Jess? Someone he can actually hold in his arms without feeling like he’s hugging a house. Why didn’t they? This is stupid, I don’t think Jess actually wants to kiss Eric either. Eric needs to be replaced and quickly. He’s ruining it for me with his colossal gut and head. I wonder what Charlize Theron saw in him. This is disgusting!!!

  • oilburner

    @Torrie: AGREED.

  • oilburner

    @onahigh23: probably Mitch considering cam is so god damn fat it’s got to be nearly impossible to get to his penis his how on earth could a sex scene with these two be done tastefully

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