Prince Harry Can’t Resist Urge To Tweak Volleyball Player’s Nipple On Live TV


By all accounts, Prince Harry appears to be a pretty stand-up guy, and an interaction with former Army Rifleman Ashley Coles earlier this month would certainly bolster that case.

While attending a volleyball event at Britain’s Invictus Games, the Paralympic-style games that Harry himself founded in 2014 in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports, the young Prince of Wales could just couldn’t resit tweaking the nipple of participant.

Wait, what?

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Yes, though it may sound a bit creepy (can you imagine an American official pinching someones nipple on TV?), the incident was laughed off in good spirits.

Coles lifted up his shirt to reportedly show Harry his tattoo, and Harry locked onto the target and executed a first-rate purple nurple.

Watch below: