Princess Máxima’s Gay Tour

The Netherlands’ Princess Máxima will take a four city tour to spread the gay love:

The 36-year-old royal will go to the gathering of the Netherlands’ four major cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht – to discuss how best to solve the problem of exclusion of homosexuals in the nation.

Frank Van Dalen of the Dutch Gay federation COC said: “This will be a historically significant royal presence. This is what we have been hoping for a very, very long time. It is the first time a member of the royal family has attended a meeting with such significance for gays.”

A palace spokesman added: “The Princess is in favour of equal rights of all groups in the Netherlands.”

The major challenge of the meeting is set to be how to encourage school students to accept the existence of homosexuality, and to learn not to discriminate against it.

No, no – people learn to discriminate, so you have to unlearn them good.