Principal Prefers Confederacy To Gay Pride

Floridian principal David Davis had some explaining to do yesterday – and he didn’t do it very well.

The improbably named educator took the stand in day one of a discrimination suit filed by 17-year old Heather Gillman, who accuses Davis and Ponce de Leon High School of violating her and others’ civil rights for prohibiting gay pride garb.

The case began to unfold last year, after Gillman and her progressive peers began designing shirts with pro-gay slogans, like “I support equal marriage rights” and “I support gay rights.”

Davis apparently did not approve, because he sent out a memo threatening suspension for students who made such fashion statements. And his reasoning gives some insight into this man’s bad social education…

Principal Davis said the t-shirts violate the school board dress code.

Monday in court, Davis said students who see the slogans and symbols would be distracted in class, even have mental images of gays having sex.

The Defense attacked Principal Davis, because he only saw one student wearing the letters GP written on their arm. The other cases were just reported by students and one teacher.

Another interesting point, Davis says clothes with the confederate flag are allowed at school. He says they haven’t caused a distraction. Of the 406 students at the high school, none of them are African American.

Yow! Sounds to us like the truth’s uglier than just gay rights…

Defense begins today and a verdict is expected this week.