Prison Chief Can’t Comprehend Trans Murderess

Massachusetts Corrections Commissioner Harold Clarke sure is rude. And makes things too complicated.

Why do we say such things about Clarke? Well, denied inmate Michelle Kosilek’s sex change operation, and insulted the worlds

Kosilek, born Robert, has been living as a woman for fifteen years, but began taking hormones in 2006. (Here you see she obviously has a womanly air about her.)

Kosilek is currently in prison because he strangled his wife with a wire in 1990 and dumped her body at a local mall, which is definitely not normal. The crime garnered then-him a life sentence with no parole. She has since tried twice to commit suicide and to castrate herself.

A court ruled in 2002 that the prison, which would have to use state funds for the surgery, is violating Kosilek’s rights by denying a surgery. Now, rather than giving the green light, Clark’s making up excuses.

Now, one would think Clarke, who is new to the gig, would use Kosilek’s obvious instability as an excuse to deny her request.

Nope! He goes for a 50s era robot’s response.

From the horse’s mouth:

Based on my review of the designated trial testimony and my many years of experience as a corrections professional, I believe that the safety and security concerns presented by the prospect of undertaking sex reassignment surgery for Michelle Kosilek are insurmountable.

Alright. Kosilek has been living as a woman in an all male prison for fifteen years. This bitch is bad. And, no disrespect, but we wouldn’t dream of approaching her. Unsettling eyes.

As for the great trans escape – does Clarke think that one can run away after having their penis turned inside out? As for before the surgery, isn’t it the Commissioner’s job to make sure Kosilek doesn’t escape.

Add “lazy” to lede list.

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  • Darth Paul

    Whoever wrote this gets a F- for abhorrent usage, grammar, and lack of command of English. PITIFUL!!!

  • Infelix

    You, blogger, really should wait until after work to start up on the pills and booze. And as for Michelle… I don’t think surgery’s gonna help her any when she has that hatchet face to deal with.

  • andrew

    Sorry! Wrong draft went up, obviously.

  • dubwise

    Darth Paul gives out a lot of “F’s”

  • dizzyspin

    Are we really supposed to get all worked up about a MURDERER’S right to gender expression?! The big crime is that the warden was a meanie??? He’s in prison for KILLING his WIFE and DUMPING the body!!

    Kosilek lived and married as a MAN until he went to prison. Who the hell knows if he’s even being honest about being trans?? He could be trying to mount a psychological defense, or trying to get moved to a women’s prison, where presumably he’d be under less physical threat (or he could defend himself better).

    We gotta pick our battles and this guy doesnt even make the list.

  • Rob Moore

    Ok, the statement about turning his penis inside out just made me cringe and clamp my legs together protectively. I know that’s how it’s done, but I just saw Hostel on cable a short time ago, and it left me a bit jumpy about body parts.

    This person looks mean as hell even as a woman, and is just butt-ugly. I don’t think she would be pimped out successfully, and I would hate to be the one to try.

  • todd

    No tax payer funded gender reassignment surgeries for Murderers. He probably just wants to be sent to the female cage so he can go lesbo on them!

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