Private Dick Wants Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The always quick to sue Tom Cruise is upset again. This time he’s annoyed with Princess Di biographer Andrew Morton who is looking for dirt on the Scientologist dad-to-be.

Morton isn’t going at it alone. He has hired a private investigator with a past to help him out; a one time gay porn star.

But this isn’t just any gay porn star turned private dick. This is Paul Barressi, the man who in the 90’s gabbed to the National Enquirer that he had a long-term affair with that other L. Ron Hubbard-loving thespian, John Travolta. Of course, Travolta denied the accusations and proved his heterosexuality to the world by marrying Kelly Preston shortly after the report. Dissed by Danny Zukp himself.

This leaves us thinking that private detective work could turn out to be a career projectory for (we have to say it – alleged) Scientologist-loving gay porn stars. Wonder what Kyle Bradford is doing these days.

Cruise’s porn anger