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Pro boxer James Hawley issues non-apology for homophobic TikTok rant

Via YouTube

Just one day after a TikTok video of  James Hawley making homophobic remarks went viral, the British boxer has issued a video apology to the queer community.

Hawley came under immediate fire for his remarks, in which he blasted gay men and transgender people as “dirty c*nts.” The video went viral on social media after former Drag Race UK queen Baga Chipz posted it to Twitter. In less that 24 hours, Hawley was dropped by his management company.

Now Hawley has taken to social media again, this time posting an apology to Instagram. Though his account is set to private, another drag queen, Jolene Dover, posted the video to Twitter.

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“Last night I’d hit a brick wall,” Hawley said, “and had enough of all the messages and disgusting, disturbing images that I was being sent by a few members of the gay community and I lashed out and said a few things I didn’t mean. I have friends who are gay and I have a cousin who is gay – I never meant anything by it and I’m sorry to who I offended.”

“At the same time, he added, “how would you like it if members of the gay public on a day-to-day basis sent you inappropriate videos and messages, basically abusing you.” Hawley went on to claim that he was unfairly dismissed by his management company, and begged them to reconsider. He also said he could offer proof that the gay community was harassing him.

Though he claims he acted in anger, nothing in Hawley’s original remarks alludes to any kind of harassment. “Listen, I can understand girls getting with each-other all the time in parties and all things like that,” Hawley ranted in the original video. “I don’t care. I haven’t got a problem. I’d want them to get with each other in front of me. But boys, on the other hand, and transgenders, something seriously wrong with them. What in the earth makes you wanna change your gender and get f*cked in the ass. We, for one, aren’t sure what ‘in the earth’ could explain why people are LGBT+. Maybe it’s something in the soil? The tectonic plates? It’s a mystery.”