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Pro-boxer James Hawley’s homophobic TikTok rant is not a good look

Via YouTube

British professional boxer James Hawley has deleted his TikTok account following backlash over homophobic comments he made during a video.

The controversy began early on July 22 as Hawley responded to a question regarding his support of queer people. Hawley made his homophobia clear.

“I a thousand and million percent do not agree with this, no,” he says in the clip. 

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“Listen, I can understand girls getting with each-other all the time in parties and all things like that,” Hawley rants. “I don’t care. I haven’t got a problem. I’d want them to get with each other in front of me. But boys, on the other hand, and transgenders, something seriously wrong with them. What in the earth makes you wanna change your gender and get f*cked in the ass. We, for one, aren’t sure what ‘in the earth’ could explain why people are LGBT+. Maybe it’s something in the soil? The tectonic plates? It’s a mystery.”

“I feel sorry for your families,” he also adds. He also refers to transgender people as “dirty c*nts.”

The video went viral after Drag Race UK alum Baga Chipz posted it to social media. “Today’s Scum is no other than ‘pro boxer’ and really hard man James Hawley,” Chipz posted. “Homophobic Filth. What a hard man. Report the Low life. What an absolute piece of dirt.”

With the online backlash brewing, Hawley deleted his TikTok account. Already his management firm, MTK Global, has terminated its contract with him. Call it a knockout.